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Make it stop!

No description


on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Make it stop!

Make it stop!
Kally: Woah Molly cute shirt who made it the tooth fairy?
Molly: I got it from Shirts R us
Kally: hahahahahahahahaha Shirts R us? Make your way to Justice!
Molly:Mia help!
Kally: Mia?!
Mia: Uh....hahahah uh yeah Kally Shirts R us.........Justice.........uh...........tooth fairy........ Molly! Hahahahahahahaha right Kally! (wisper) sorry Molly she'll make fun of my shirt from Shirts R us!
Kara: Hi Laurel! Do you have your little rabbit doll? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Laurel: It's Mr.Fuffles! No-o-o-ot a-a-a-a-a rabbit d-d-d-doll he's a bu-u-u-u-nnnny!
Tina: KARA!
Kara: Oh it's Tina
Tina: NOT. COOL I've seen you carry around your stuffed dog! Same deal with Laurel! I have a stuffed Elephant, Ellie!
Kara: Well...... uh............. Ruff ruff is dif-f-f-f-f-ferent! Well not really but still!
Cross out bullys
always stand up even if you are a cute little animal
Keep calm still!
Do you wanna?
Do you really want to stop bullying? This will show you exactly WHAT you yourself can do!
You can stop it!
The quiz
mostly a's: you stick with your BFF's even if it means ditching others. You should go help the victims. Someday it could be you.
mostly b's: boy do you stand up for them! But seriously..... cool your temper stand up more calmly
mostly c's: You calmly make things right and make peace even if it means feeling hurt by friends.
Tina was correct! She stood up for Laurel and shut down Kara. While Mia went with Kally because, she worried about Kally being mean to her even though she felt bad and agreed with Molly.
Don't let it keep going!
If you see it happening......barge in and say, don't do that! Are you a little bit scared to stand up for yourself and your friends? That's okay! Everybody is at first! This is what Mia Green did and what Tina McDonald did. Who did the right thing?
This quiz will determine wheather or not you will stand up for someone or let it keep happening!
Go to the next page to see what Mia and Tina did
Who was right!
This girl named Lea who is in your class but makes rude comments is getting cyber bullied by your BFF Mary you.....
A. forgive Mary because shes your BFF and forget shes cyber bulling Lea
B.Yell, Mary you are NOT my friend anymore get outta my life!
C. Say, Mary I trusted you and you let me and Lea down please don't do this again its not cool and let Lea know your here for her
Everyone in your class is bullyng Casedy exept you and Kathy you best friend she doesnt care and dosent wanna help you do you.....
A. you decide Cassedy is mean and you should stick with Kathy
B.Yell How dare you Kathy do you care about anyone but yourself?
C.Say okay Kathy but in my opinion Cassedy needs us so i'm gonna go help her I'll see ya later!
Johnney is always crying. He is getting bullied everytime a teacher turns her back. If he tells a teacher the truth the kids get meaner. You.....
A. forget about Johnney yiur going to a softball game with Caroline, Whohoooo!
B.Yell at the kids and say You keep doin that then you better hope I dont come to school!
C. Talk to Johnney and tell him to tell the teacher when they arent watching and also tell the teacher what they do when you tell.
YAY!!!! You did it! Now you know how to make it stop! Good for you!!!!
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