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Three Generations

1st presentation (without plot)

Bea Ledda

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Three Generations

Three Generations
Nick Joaquin

Nicomedes Marquez Joaquin
Writer, historian and journalist
short stories and novels in English
Quijano de Manila
conferred the rank and title of
National Artist of the Philippines
for Literature
- May 4, 1917
- Paco, Manila
- Col. Leocadio Joaquin and Saloma Marquez
Works about Rizal
- The Storyteller's New Medium - Jose Rizal Saga
- The Complete Poems and Plays of Jose Rizal
- Translation of Mi Ultimo Adios (Land That I Love, Farewell!)

- May Day Eve
- Prose and Poems
- The Woman who have Two Navels
- A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino
- Tropical Gothic
- A Question of Heroes: Essays in Criticism on Ten Key Figures of Philippine History
- Reportage on Lovers
- Reportage on Crimes
dynamic character(developing character) / round character
he lived an unhappy childhood life under his parents care
he detested his father for beating him and his mother
he refused the idea of bringing his fathers' woman back after he, himself, drove the woman out his fathers house
when his son betrayed him by bringing the woman back; for the first time he laid his hands on his son and then realize how he became the very man he had hated.
flat character
Celo's only son
he initially wanted to become a priest but then became a lawyer
when he and his father went to check his gradfather, they learned that he wants to see his woman (the woman Celo drove out)
after he sees his grandfather he then came up with the idea of bringing his grandfathers' woman back; and thus result to his father, for the first time, hit him
when Celo went to feed his father, Chitong saw how forcibly his father tried to do it; he then realize how differently he and his father treat their progenitor
Celo's wife and Chitong's mother
she tried to convince his husband to let his father-in-law have his woman back that he needs her; Celo then called her vulgar

Marcelo Sr.
Flat character
Celo's father and Chitong's grand father
When Celo was young he used to beat him and his wife for no apparent reason; also he had other woman beside his wife that also beats as much as his own family


The women in the the story are expected to look only after the domestic needs of the family. It was also implied in the story that women belong to the unintelligent species, as they return to the the men at the their bidding. In addition, the concept of men affording to have other women and the women having only one man is a proof that no equality is being portrayed in the story.

HUM 16 / AY01
Tiya Nena
static character
Celo's Sister
she was the one who took care of their father
she also agrees with Sofia on bringing the woman back

static character
Marcelo Sr.'s girl
She loves Marcelo Sr. so much that even if she was humilated before by his lovers' own son she still went to his old lovers' side
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