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Ice Cutter

No description

Liene Can

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Ice Cutter

2012 Award Winner
by Jacques Merle
Look! This is how ICE CUTTER works!
a small, perfectly developed device, which makes icicle removal easier and cheaper;
the best solution to protect people from falling icicles;
an invention which can make your company name a synonym for safety, smartness and exclusivity.
No falling icicle injuries under your building roof;
No more time spent on roof cleaning – saving you time and money, the two most important things in any successful business;

It is an amazing opportunity to earn money while helping increase people’s safety;
Be one of the first who works with ICE CUTTER and earn money promoting your company.
Why you should choose
... people are killed by icicles in the world every year;
... people are injured by icicles in the world every year;
...people are killed by icicles in USA;
... people are injured by icicles in USA;
We cannot get it back, so help protect it!
Become famous by using this revolutionary technology.
Sell the invention and avoid lawsuits for icicle accidents
Save time worrying about icicles. The Ice Cutter will automatically get rid of them for you.
What you will win
1- building; 2- roof; 3- gutter; 4- downpipe; 5-knife; 6- icicle; 7- rail; 8- movable motor;9- ; 10- coulomb; 11-shafts; 12- shaft; 13- ; 14- ; 5- wires; 16- ; 17- shaft; 18- shaft; 19- threaded shaft; 20- folding; 21- wall
Technical information
A glide-able motor and a moveable knife is mounted on a rail parallel to the roof gutter.
An infrared sensor detects when icicles are formed and start the motor, which moves the device horizontally along the rail. As it moves, the knife cuts away icicles from the roof while they are still tiny.
How the device works?
((here we will put regulation of removing icicles in the country which we are making sale for!))
Regulation of removing icicles in ...
((here will be info about the costs))

Buy patent licence first in ... and get the exclusivity to be the only sales manager in the country!
Costs and exclusivity
((here will be a copy of patent document))
We have a patent!
We won a prize in France exhibition!
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