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Guidelines on the use of Quiet Room

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Joseph Oniot

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Guidelines on the use of Quiet Room

Guidelines on the use of Quiet Room
and Discussion Rooms

Discussion Rooms
The University Library has 4 discussion rooms located at the 3rd floor of the right wing of Saint Columban Building.

The Discussion Rooms are open for students of the institute only and are provided to further the informational, cultural and recreational goals for which the Library exists.
The LSU Libraries and Media Centers (LMC) Quiet Room is considered an academic facility. It is located at the 3rd floor of the right wing of St. Columban Building.
The purpose of the reserved "Quiet Room" is to provide students with a quiet area in which they are able to remain focused in their study without any distractions.
• Refrain from:
o Unnecessary noise
o Conversations
o Cell phone usage
o Laptop usage
o Bringing food or uncovered beverages
o Bringing in of additional chairs and other pieces of furniture
o Activities that may disturb others

• A maximum of 15 users at a time.

• Be considerate of other students using the quiet room. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in LMC personnel asking you to leave the Quiet Room.
How to Reserve a Room
1. Fill out a Discussion Room Reservation Logbook at the receiving desk of the Media Center and present a valid LSU ID.

2. The reservation shall be held for 15 minutes beyond the declared time. After 15 minutes however, the reservation shall be canceled and the room shall be available to others.

3. Reservation can be made
up to one day before the
intended date of use.

4. The group’s representative is allowed to book only one discussion room per day.
5. Only groups with a minimum of 5 members physically present at the specified reservation time shall be allowed to enter the room.
6. Discussion rooms are allowed to be used until 6:00 pm. Reservation must be made before 5:00 pm.
Give at least five (5) policies when using Quiet Room.
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