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The impact of school provided lunch on childhood obesity

No description

Berit Nebe

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The impact of school provided lunch on childhood obesity

The impact of school provided lunch on childhood obesity

A comparison between Sweden and Germany

a quick insight into the swedish school lunch...
facts & figures

school lunch in Sweden

roots in 18th century

1950's emphasized focus

1980's crisis

1989 guidelines

1997 compulsory

2011 nutritional
school lunch Germany

East - West division

not compulsory

federal states

no structure

problematic: full-day schools

benefits: Sweden vs. Germany

accesible to eyery student

well defined criteria

shaping eating behaviour

Germany: implementation started but still great inconsistencies
in a nutshell...

eating education in school setting

broad scale intervention possible

collective thinking

other influences?
treatment & prevention
thanks for listening!
Malmö University
Faculty of Education and Society
Malmö, 26.03.2014
Berit Nebe
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