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The Calusa and the Tequesta

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Kristy Jones

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The Calusa and the Tequesta

The Calusa
The Calusa were another coastal group. They lived along the southeast coast of Florida. The Calusa had plenty of seafood to eat that they caught using dug out canoes. The Calusa are sometimes called the shell people. They also used shells to make weapons and tools. The Calusa wore clothes made of leaves and plants.
The Tequesta
How they're alike?
How they're different?
The Calusa and the Tequesta by Landon Markiewicz
The Tequesta were another coastal group. Like the Calusa ,the Tequesta fished and traveled in dugout canoes. The Tequesta men fished in the ocean for sharks and porpoises. They used fishing tools like spears, fish nets, and traps.
I will tell you about two different tribes from Florida; the Calusa and the Tequesta. I will tell you how they are alike and different.
The Calusa and the Tequesta both used dugout canoes to travel over the water. They liked to fish a lot for whales, sharks, dolphins, fish, and manatees.They all so used tools like fish traps, spears, and fish nets. Allot of the population of the tribes passed away because of the diseases that the Europeans brought with them. They also lived in Florida.
The Calusa lived along the southwest coast of Florida. The Tequesta lived along the southeast cost of Florida. The Tequesta used weapons to hunt deer. The Calusa did not hunt deer because there were no deer. The Tequesta were a peaceful tribe, but the Calusa were not a friendly tribe.

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