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My Prezi on the wonderful hedgehogs!

Celeste McAllister

on 11 September 2010

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Transcript of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs :) Why did i do this prezi? Beacause I love, and want, a hedgehog(s)! And i would like to show my parents a little more about them! :) What do they eat? Well, I looked it up and hedge-
hogs eat: Hedgehog food, berries,
veggies, ( Carrots, corn ect. ) melons
( in small peices, of course :P ) Mushrooms,
and sometimes even cat and dog food :) Living space. For a living space, i red
Not to keep them in a really
noisey place, as they will get
defencive and not play. And not
to but them in a to quite place,
as they will get fat, lazy and not
playfull. So keep them somewere
you are alot, and palywith them often.
:) Cage. The extra bird cage we have here
is perfect size for a hedgehog! :)
Thats why i wanted to know, mom. Clenliness. Hedgehogs themself are very clean.
You do not need to wash them, but,
if you want to give them a bath, you
need to teach them how to swim, first :)
You also need to clean there cage just like
a bird cage. So when we clean the birnies,
we could clean the hedgehogs cage, too. Fun facts! Hedgehogs live 4-7 years.
( Some even 16 years! :O )
They love to play but are
somtimes shy. And they
make a great pet! i hope you
liked my prezi!
~Luv, celeste :)
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