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No description

Allan Kwong

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of uniFLOW PPT

Q & A System Continuity Remote Print Server & SQL High Availability Cluster VMware Clone Secure printing Screen Budget Control Tracking Printing cost VMware ESX Server & VMware vSphere (vMotion) SECURE MECHANISM FOR SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS Job re-routing Internal notification Device monitoring Cost recovery Detail usage Top 10 Usage report Everything can be analysis Prepared by:
Canon Hongkong Co.,Ltd. Canon Solution Remote Print Server:

OS: Windows 2008

Dual Core CPU
300GB HD uniFLOW Server:

OS: Windows 2008
DB: MS SQL 2008

Xeon CPU
300GB HD x 3 (RAID5) Recommend specification Auto Failover THE RIGHT JOB TO THE RIGHT DEVICE Secure print anywhere Email reporting Office B Office A uniFLOW Server
(Head Office) Remote Print Server
(Site Office B) Remote Print Server
(Site Office A) System architecture Modules of uniflow Select the jobs to release, view the
job properties and even change finishing
settings on a Canon MEAP printer Login with username/password,
PIN number, job code or phone ID Helen opens the uniFLOW iPhone app and scans the barcode on the printer Mobility Solution Mobility Solution Low Volume Stored print jobs uniFLOW RPS 24 Transfer Accounting data
to uniFLOW server All user print jobs will be stored on remote print server and waiting users to print out the job securely on copier.
All accounting data would temporarily stored on RPS first. Also RPS will make a copy of LDAP users from uniFLOW server for print / copy authentication.
uniFLOW server will then collect all accounting data from the RPS & Canon copiers periodically, so H/W spec. of this server can be lower. Stored LDAP users & SQL data uniFLOW Server Remote Print Server
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