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Greatest Love Stories Of History

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Morgan Watt

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Greatest Love Stories Of History

Wuthering Heights
I read the classic Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. This book is about a wealthy man Healthcliff who lives in the ancient Wuthering Heights Manor, which is 4 miles from Thrushcross Grange in England. Mr Earnshaw (Hindley's Father) owns the Manor. He goes to Liverpool one day and returned to the Manor with an orphan boy Heathcliff. After Mr Earnshaws wife passed away, he sent Hindley off to college because of how cruel he was to his adoptive brother and because Mr Earnshaw saw him as more of his adoptive son than his real son. Hindley returned to the manor 3 years later when his father passed away. Therefore Hindley inherits the Wuthering Heights Manor.
Jane Eyre V.S Wuthering Heights
In both Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, there is a similar concept. People who were ill (Jane's Aunt in Jane Eyre and nearly everyone in Wuthering Heights did get sick from making themselves emotionally and physically sick). In both of the novels there is
disloyalty when Rochester didn't tell Jane that he was already married as well as when Heathcliff disappears for three years because he over heard a conversation about how he's lower class and that Catherine needs a better man but how he returned after those 3 years and accused her of betrayal and frames it as disloyalty to herself.
Links between the novels
Napoleon and Josephine
Napoleon Bonaparte and Joesphine de Beauharnais is by far one of the most passionate love affairs in history. Josephine's husband had been executed during the terror in Paris 1794. Josephine didn't stay single for long. In 1795, Josephine and Napoleon started a relationship. They got married but she had an affair. Napoleon found out and was angered but went out and had an affair of his own. In 1810 they divorced due to her not being able to conceive a child to be the heir. Napoleon remarried but he still loved her. His last words were said to be "France, the Army, the Head of the Army, Josephine."
Orpheus and Eurydice
Orpheus is a greek mythological hero who is best known for his music that seemed to charm everyone. Aside from music he is known for the love he has for his wife Eurydice. She died from a snake bite and Orpheus wanted her back. He went to the underworld to bring her back. The only thing he was told was not to look back until he was out of the underworld or else she would disappear into the underworld for good. They reached the portals of Hades and he looked back to see if she was following, thus making her disappear for good.
Love Stories
Greatest Love Stories Of History
Noah and Allie
They fell in love at a young age. Allie was from the upper class while Noah was from the lower class. Her parent's didn't approve of him. Allie and her family moved back to Charleston. Allie married Lon Hammond but she returned to Seabrook to see Noah and the farm house he had planned to restore for them.
Jane Eyre and Rochester
Rochester and Jane first meet when his horse slips and he falls off. She goes to Thornfield and realizes that he is the master there, so they start to spend evenings together. Jane saves him from a fire that broke out in which he was on fire. She was throwing water on him and on the fire to help him out. He proposed to her one day and she accepted but she had to go home to her aunt who was dying. She came back to Thornfield and was told that he, her soon to be husband was already married. But it was made apparent in the end that he really did love Jane and that he wished he'd never married his wife because he fell madly in love with Jane the moment he saw her.
Links between the novels that were made apparent are;
-The madness that Heathcliff has from imagining Catherine everywhere as well as Bertha Mason (Rochester's wife) who is known as "insane".
-Catherine and Jane are also victims to societies expectations as well as limitations for women. For Catherine Edgar is the more safe choice of the two, she hoped that by her marrying Edgar it would help Heathcliff with his life. Jane is also faced with this when she makes the choice to leave Rochester because he is with Bertha.
Jane would feel financially dependent on Rochester and so she will only marry him when she has her own money and can prove her independence.
Some of the greatest love stories of history include:
-Napoleon and Josephine
-Lancelot and Guinevere
-Romeo and Juliet
-Pyramus and Thisbe
-Adam and Eve
-Beauty and the Beast
-John Lennon and Yoko Ono
-Johnny Cash and June Carter
-Tristan and Iseult
-Bonnie and Clyde
-Noah and Allie
-Jane Eyre and Rochester

What constitutes a good love tragedy?
Why do you think we enjoy love stories and tragedy?
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