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Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

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Clare Lynch

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

Weathering Erosion and Depostion
Erosion- Weathered rock carried away by gravity, water, wind, and ice.

Weathering- Breakdown of materials in the earths crust into sediment

Deposition- The act of depositing something over a period of time, getting rid of snow, dirt, water ect.


Erosion can happen in many different ways! Erosion mostly happens over very long periods of time. 100's even 1000's of years. Erosion really never stops, it goes on like life. Erosion is basically, wind, ice, water. changing the earth by breaking the rocks or soil causing it to just go, bye bye!

Weathering is basically a little bit like erosion, erosion works togehter with weathering to change the earth, Like when water rushes up against dry asnd and the wet sand washes up into the ocean.
Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
By: Clare of course!
Deposition is the deposit of the earths crust like when a peice of a glacier breaks off and goes bye bye!
Ice Erosion
When pieces of glaciers break off and float down the ocean
Water Erosion
When water breaks down rocks to change the earths crust
Wind Erosion
Sandstorms are a good example of wind erosion they blow around the sand and change the sand dunes or rocks around it

what are two types of weathering
echanical weathering- humans breaking up rocks
Chemical Weathering- Breaking down carbonation, oxidation, over time the rock will be dirt or maybe pebbles.
Explain how running water, plants, wind, and acid rain can become weathering agents.
Running water- Rushes up against rocks and over hundreds of years, that rock keeps getting wet and it will become dirt. Like caves!

Plants- When plants grow it might expose dirt, rocks, and water to weathering of water, wing, ice, or acid rain.

Ice- Glaciers move across the land and carve out dirt rocks and soil.

Chemical and Physical weathering
Chemical- Weathering happening from wind, ice, water, acid rain.

Mechanical- Humans breaking down and changing the earth
How are they formed?
Sand dunes- dunes from when sand blows into a sheltered area behind a bigger object.

V shaped valley- Valleys are formed when Glaciers cross through hills.

Canyon- Canyons were created a long time ago. The oceans that were long before us dried up and created massive dents in the earth that look like craters.

Arch- narrow bridges gradually erode and form and arch from a narrow bridge.
More Questions!!
What is the Main Cause of Erosion?
Soil mostly erodes alot, along a coastline, water can rush up against the dirt and the dirt gets wet and will eventually go away with the water.
Do streams and rivers cause eroison and deposition
Rivers and streams carry sediment from the flow of the water, thats erosion. When water slows down its ability to carry sediments decreases. Sediments are deposited Thats deposition.
More and More questions
What kids of landforms are formed by running water?
Canyons, Streams, and Rivers.
How do waves Cause deposition and Erosion What landforms do they create.

Waves can form peninsulas, bays, streams, and they can also form Tsunami's Erosion by waves rushes up against rocks and dirt breaks down dirt and rocks. Like streams and rivers rushing water carry sediments, and slowing down decreases the chance of sediments being carried.
Always more questions
How do glaciers cause deposition and erosion
Glaciers erode out dirt and leave all the materials elsewhere. Thats deposition.
Glaciers erode out big giant humongous and huge canyons or dents.
landforms are
Canyons valleys,cliffs and more
Last question
How does wind cause erosion and deposition
Wind causes erosion by blowing uo against rocks several times, and making loose rocks fall off.

Landforms created....
Sand Dunes
Rock bridges
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