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Product Presentation and Description by the Marketing Champs

Keegan Boulineau

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Cloak

Market Profile Growing cosmetics industry
Highest market share
Fastest growing product category
Facial Treatment:
Largest category
Increase by 70% of the men's grooming product market from 2003 to 2008 Consumer Segmentation New Product Presentation Summary Introduction
Segmentation & Targeting
Industry Profiles
Marketing Mix
Financial Evaluation
Foreign Entry Potential Multifunctional skin-care product
Simultaneously treats and hides acne
Designed specifically for men
Oil and fragrance-free
Three different shades Introduction Introduction Cloak Unilever (Parent Company) Multinational corporation
Third-largest consumer goods company
Consumer goods ranging from food to personal care products Originally From:
United Kingdom &
Netherlands Over 400 brands Behavioral Psychographic Self-conscious
Physically aware
Health Trends Rise of male grooming products
Metro-sexual trend Male interest in appearance and grooming:
Survey: 73 % of men consider that spending time in front of the mirror is important

Greater independence – Purchasing behavior:
Survey: (NPD poll) MARKETING MIX Multifunctional skin care product Product Price Distribution Promotion Treat your acne
Natural and active ingredients (10 % Benzoyl Peroxide)
Conceal your acne
Mica mineral powder covers blemishes
Soothe your skin
Moisturizing lotions (N-acetyl glucosamine and niacin-amide formula)
Two available sizes: 59ml and 100ml
Three shades (light/fair/dark)
Skin-matching technologies (Mica powder) makes blemishes invisible
Satisfaction guarantee
Reinforce confidence – 30 days Price based on:
Product features (differentiation)
Competitor Prices
Initial Costs IMC: Cloak = Masculinity
Advertise in top five male magazines
Celebrity endorser : TIM TEBOW
Billboard ads
Personal selling: free in-store samples
Sales Promotion: 10% off for online buying
Social Media (Facebook contests) How to Increase brand awareness and provide consistent IMC? Financial Evaluation Total Fixed Costs = $49 519 667 | Price= 13.99$/unit | VC = $3/unit
Skin Care Segment = $4.43 Billion Foreign Entry Potential Singapore Why? Price Skimming Cloak
introduction Growth Maturity Revitalization Continuous
Improvement Unfading Life
Cycle......... Cloak Life Cycle Karim Habbari, Isabella Johnson,
Adam Singer, Guillaume Girard,
Sheheryar Javaid, Keegan Boulineau Demographic Population of Age Groups in Canada Population
(Thousands) Price to intermediaries: $13.99 MSRP to final consumers: $17.99

Skim down according to demand variations (future) Use of a 28% target mark-up BE 1-14: Light 15-21: Fair 22-26: Dark
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