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August 2013 Newsletter

No description

BC Emerging Scholars Program

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of August 2013 Newsletter

Jamie Boggs

-I graduated from Berea in 2005 with a degree in math.
-I've worked with ESP since 2011, but became the director in 2013.
-I love spending time with my wife and two kids, and am always ready to play disc golf!
-I'm excited to work with the incoming Emerging Scholars! They'll really raise the bar!

Elizabeth Sartor
Academic Counselor

-I have an undergraduate degree in English, and a Master's in higher ed.
-I lived in British Columbia, Canada for six years before coming to Berea!
-I have experience as a writing tutor.
-I want to help students achieve personal and academic success!
Laney Miller
Academic Counselor

-I have a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies, and a Master's in Student Personnel Services, both from EKU!
-I love spending time with my fiancee and our dog and three cats, and I love to cook!
-I hope to assist each of you in pursuit of your future goals.
-I worked at Berea College in the Residential Life Collegium Office for five years.
-I enjoy being creative, spending time outdoors, reading good books, and watching football!
-I'm excited to assist our students in finding the best ways to pursue personal and academic success.
Kyle Phillips
Office Manager
-I'm double majoring in English and Education.
-I love to read and spend time with my family, friends and girlfriend, and I love politics!
-I would advise students to really focus on work. Friends and fun are great and they're needed, but so are hard work and good grades!
Meet the Staff!

Welcome to your college career! The staff at the Emerging Scholars Program is here to help you make the most out of your time at Berea and to make sure that you're as successful as you can be!

This newsletter is devoted to give you an opportunity to learn more about the ESP staff. Be sure to come see us on the ground floor of the Edwards Building if we can help, or just to say hi, and like us on Facebook!

Haleigh George
Office Assistant
JeLisa Smallwood
Office Assistant
Alix Burke
Teaching Assistant
-I'm an English and Women/Gender Studies double major!
-I love reading, writing, and drawing, and volunteer with the New Opportunity School for Women.
-I would encourage first-years to simply talk to people. The more people you meet and talk to on campus, the more friends and connections you'll make, and the more you'll learn about other cultures.
-Sophomore Child & Family Studies Major!
-I'm from Cincinnati and have three siblings. I want to be a social worker and visit New York City!
-I would tell new students to always be true to themselves and don't allow others to change them.
Haley Boothe
Teaching Assistant
-I'm a Sophomore German and International Politics and Policies.
-I love languages and history, and am always willing to lend a hand in these subjects.
-I would advise freshmen to manage time wisely. You'll be very busy while you're here, but by planning ahead, you'll have time to spare!
Faye Barry
Teaching Assistant
-I am a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration.
-I like to do arts & crafts in my spare time, and my favorite fruit is watermelon.
-Make sure that you watch your time! I never realized how much time I spent talking in food service! Just make sure you budget your time to make sure you can study.
-I am a Sophomore Computer Science major.
-I enjoy playing piano, studying Asian languages, and playing video games.
-Don't be afraid to try new things and take advantage of all of the opportunities that you can. Just do what needs to be done and everything will fall into place.
-I'm a Sophomore Communications major!
-I enjoy playing and watching sports, reading, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.
-I would tell freshmen to set attainable goals and take advantage of all the opportunities they can at college.
-I'm a senior business major!
-On campus, I'm the business manager for the Black Student Union and co-president of EYCE step team.
-Don't be afraid to ask for help! Everyone wants to help you but can't if you don't ask!
Colleen Donathan
Academic Counselor

-I'm a Sociology major and plan to go to grad school!
-I play volleyball for Berea and plan to go abroad to England in the Spring!
-Work hard! Grad schools won't be impressed by your partying. They'll be impressed by you being on the Dean's List!
Megan Devoto
Teaching Assistant
John Willis
Teaching Assistant
Megan Keller
Office Assistant
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