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Introduction to Medieval Warfare

The popular movie Braveheart portrayed Scottish hero Wiliam Wallace as a fighter who preferred to face his enemies head-on. Did the battle of Stirling Bridge actually occur the way it was portrayed in the movie?

Michael Jolly

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Introduction to Medieval Warfare

Braveheart or Bravesmart? Most scholars believe the battle took place on
and around Sirling Bridge, next to Stirling Castle. In the movie... What really might have happened... What bridge? The English army faced the Scottish army on an open field The Englsh Army was on the left The Scottish Armywas on the right Is that really how it happened? The Stirling Bridge crossed the
River Forth near Stirling Castle. The English Army headed
Northeast to cross the bridge. The Scottish Army waited behind
Abbey Craig to ambush the English. Scottish troops waited until half of
the English cavalry had crossed the river. They then stormed down the rise and
trapped the English, pushing back into the
River Forth. The English were either killed outright, drowned in their heavy armor in the River Forth, or retreated That might have been harder to film. No epic battle scene
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