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Orange Outreach

No description

Jessica McEver

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Orange Outreach

Orange Outreach Objectives Inrease in-state enrollment
By .1 percent within the first year, with a .5 percent increase within the next 5 years. That means we want 171 new students by the end of this year. Target audience We are primarily focusing on high school seniors. We also also looking at juniors, sophmores, and freshman. Basically anyone who will have to make a choice someday about continuing their education. Strategy We recognize that high school students are already using social media. And we want to become part of their coversation. We are not only going to launch a website where prospective students can see our university through the eyes of college students But we are going to utilize social media tools. ADD PICS OF TWITTER YOUTUBE ETC This effort emphasizes building relationships between high school students and college students what it's like to be a COWBOY We are focusing on two-way communication.
College students will share their experiences on social media platforms We will be able to answer any questions the high school students have immediately We will also be able to monitor their conversations so we can cater our information presented on the site and blogs to their needs. talking and LISTENING we are becoming a part of their conversation We want other people to start talking too
We will distribute media kits to Oklahoma editors, including news releases, features, fact sheets, photos, etc. can't leave out Burns We will also be coordinating with OkState Athletics and Branding Success, featuring guest videos and blogs from OSU coaches, athletes and executives. Using this effort, Orange Outreach can help with the athletic recruitment efforts within the state. Calendar Orange Outreach will continue its reasearch with the approval of this program We will start coordinating with students, faculty and staff this summer and early fall semester. We intend to launch the website in September or October of 2010. about the time when high school juniors and seniors meet with their counselors to discuss their higher education plans. and most importantly.... Orange Outreach's social efforts includes a bi-monthly blog from President Hargis. The blog will be short, about 500 words. and will cover trends among prospective students Because listening is the most important part of communication,
the blog is meant to be a response to the masses. Given the oportunits through social media, students can communicate to us what the desire from a college experience. and from there, Hargis's blog will directly address these desires by tying them into relevant programs, events and aspects of OSU. So what do you say? Let's do this thing!
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