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Copy of Copy of Presenting the Solution: Westwood Hockey Club

No description

Hannah Pereira

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Presenting the Solution: Westwood Hockey Club

By Hannah Pereira Presenting the Solution for:
Westwood Hockey Club Introduction I have made a database and spreadsheet solution for Westwood Hockey Club to help them improve the efficiency of their current manual system. What is the
Solution? To use it you need:
A computer
A keyboard
A mouse
A printer
Microsoft Office software The needs of the organisation were to:
Create an ICT solution that will enhance the efficiency of running is Westwood Hockey Club
Propose ICT solution to the Westwood Hockey Club Committee members.
Make the solution produce letters, keep track of payments and store all the details of members electronically. The solution is made up of:
A database which displays all the of the members, payments, teams and fixtures.
Also, the spreadsheet which displays the income, expenditure and league table.
Finally the mail merge system which can send letters depending on information from the database. A Description 1. My solution makes the system more efficient because it is all electronic, simple and user friendly.

2. It includes the club colours of blue, white and black and the logo is present on all aspects of the solution.

3. It stores data, calculates information, keeps track of finances and produces letters. It appears everywhere on the solution and incorporates all the club's colours. This is the logo: The Database What can it do? It has all the members' information, their payments teams and fixtures. It can search and ask questions to the database and also display the answers professionally if needed. The database is professionally presented with the club's colours and logo. The Spreadsheet What can it do? It can show all the income and outgoings, and the league table. It can do calculations, display values based on the option selected and smoothly move from page to page. Why choose my solution? The Spreasheet Here are print screen examples of the spreadsheet: The Database Here are print screen examples of the database: Examples of my Solution 1. I have taken into account the needs of my organisation and users 2. The solution has been checked thoroughly and is suitable to be used. 3. It is a professional system that can also be improved to suit the customer's needs even more. Thank you
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