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Catcher in the Rye music Project #1

Ms. Kott 6th hour block

Noah Symmes

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Catcher in the Rye music Project #1

Ravenclaw Project 1: Music
of the Era

By Noah Symmes The Andrews Sisters. I Can Dream, Can't I? Decca Records, 1949. Record. Al Morgan. Jealous Heart. EMI, 1949. Vladimir Horowitz. Chopsin Balladel. 1949, Record. I found this song to relate to "The Catcher in the Rye" because Holden always talks about how he misses his family and wants to visit them. Holden would have listened to this song because of him feeling lonesome and always talking about memories of what it was like to live at home. The lyrics of this song say, "I love those dear hearts and gentle people who live in my home town" and this is related to Holden throughout the book by Holden constantly talking about his sister Phoebe and brother Allie and how much better life was at home. Holden experiences a pianist while sitting at a table named Ernie. The man is an extremely talented pianist and Holden does not like him very much because of his ego. The song by Vladimir Horowitz is a very difficult song that was played in th 1940's and was difficult like the song Holden describes Ernie playing. Holden doesn't like the music because of the attention Ernie is getting and wishes people would not clap. Holden seems to like talent and would listen to the song because of the difficulty, but would be ashamed of the people applauding. Bing Crosby. Dear Hearts and Gentle People. Decca Records, 1949. I chose this song to represent Holden because Holden had become jealous of Stradlater going on a date with Holden's love, Jane. Holden was jealous and had punched Stradlater on page 43, but was shortly brought to the ground by him. Holden really likes Jane and has had several times where he extremely misses her. Jane is the girl for Holden as we progress through the book and see truly how much he loves her by how much he thinks about her. The song "Jealous Heart" is about a girl he wanted, but didn't get and it would work perfectly for Holden because of the situation throughout the book between Holden and Jane. Marion Anderson. If a Body Catch a Body Coming Through the Rye. 1945 On page 115 of "The Catcher in the Rye," Holden hears this song being sung by a young child while walking down the street. The song is actually a poem by Robert Burns and the song seems to cheer Holden up after he is expressing his usual depression.The song was interpreted into a children's poem Holden would listen to this song because of how positive the song made Holden feel and how he wanted to "save children from falling off a cliff." The Wizard of Oz. The Jitterbug. 1939 The jitterbug was a song and dance that was created during the movie The Wizard of Oz. Holden enjoys dancing especially with women. Holden is at the restaurant and dances with the three women to the jitterbug which was very popular at that time in the 1940's. The song captures the setting because of its popularity and how Holden enjoys dancing with others. Hank Williams. I'm so Lonesome I could Cry. 1949 This song relates to Holden's problems with women. Holden has just broken up with Sally after telling her "she is a royal pain in the a**." Holden immediately feels guilty and is upset about breaking his usual style of treating all women with the best respect possible. Holden immediately after feels very lonesome and would listen to this because of the lyrics describing his situation of feeling like no one likes him or is there for him. Holden would have listened to this while walking the streets of New York with no one with him. Ted Weems. Heartaches. 1947 In the song heartaches, it talks about a man who still has memories of the woman he lost to another and that memory of when they kissed. When Holden kisses Jane when she is crying to comfort her is where I found this song to fit because of its meaning and the meaning it is for Holden. Holden would listen to this to remind him of Jane and that special night he held her and comforted her. It is a major point for why Holden loves Jane so much. Louis Armstrong. When the Saints go Marching In Holden on page 69 talks about the band playing and saying, "not good brassy, corny brassy." The song Holden could have heard was "When the Saints go Marching In" because of its high vocal brass notes. Holden does not like this style of music, but could be showing jealousy to the players because of their talent in playing. This is when Holden is talking to the women and trying to them to dance with him which shows us how good and interested he is in all women. John Newton. Amazing Grace On page 17, Holden talks about how he went to the chapel and Mr. Spencer sat and gave a long speech. In church, a very common song to sing is "Amazing Grace" and a very meaningful song to many. This is showing how Holden is a very religious kid and cares about God. Holden though does not seem to look often to his religion to help him solve the problems. Reflection of the Project While I was reading this book, I really seemed to understand and comprehend, but at other times, I was completely lost and had to reread the section. This project taught me some overview of New York in the late 40's and early 50's. It was interesting to be inside the head of someone who purely dislikes society completely and thus criticizes it very often. I enjoyed learning the history of music in the era and having to use my resources and time to find music that was within the reading.
When I was at the beginning of this novel, I figured Holden to just be a selfish kid who only wanted to cut others down. When finishing this novel, my understanding of Holden changed entirely. Holden is a caring person who loves his family and is very jealous of others and criticizes them to help him almost feel better about himself. Holden does not like society because of not wanting to grow up and be a "phony" or a person who acts outside of who they really are to be someone they're not. As Holden progresses through the book, he starts to realize how lonely he really is and how his criticism of others might be why.

Holden has many problems with women and finding himself lost after losing his closest thing to a girlfriend, Jane. Holden loves this girl and loses her to Stradlater and wants to love her, but also move on and finds himself not able to because she understood him so well and they shared something special like true lovers. This project really helped me read into the book more and find the extra details and inferences within the words and explore some of the outer parts of what it is like for someone who is lost in the world and unaware of what to do. Holden does have a mental problem which I found to be extreme depression. I figured this because of how often Holden uses depressing talk and down talking others and seems on the verge of tears many times.

Overall, this project helped me really understand and change my whole liking of the book. I figured this book was going to be a very boring book because of how often the main character, Holden, criticized everything around him, but it turned out to be very interesting to be inside the mind of someone who was truely depressed. Holden contradicted himself on occasion which was often very humorous to read and was really a interesting part of the book. Overall, this project was very long and difficult, therefore, it helped me understand and able to think at a higher level of thinking of the novel. This song was important to Holden because of its meaning of Jane. Holden has her on his mind and wishes he could be with her even though they may be far away and separated. Holden wishes they were together despite him searching for women throughout the book and going on dates with them. She is the only women Holden ever truly liked and wanted to be with and that understood him.
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