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Visual-Spatial Learning

No description

Camden Sharkey

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Visual-Spatial Learning

Visual-Spatial Learning
If you are trying learn a new concept try to look up some info and picture. Because you are Visual-Spatial you like to see things. That means that a computer can help you because you can see the information and see it all. Remember you need to see it to learn it better than normal.
More Help
When you are preparing for a test you should ask if you can use a note card or study before the test. Then the night before spend time drawing and writing notes. Then the next day you look over the notes so that you can have a memory refresher especially if you learned it a long time ago.
Because we think in pictures that can get us behind. So ask your teacher is they can show it to you if you do not understand or you understand. Also you could ask for visual directions. Also if you are having trouble do not be afraid to ask for help visually. If you are doing a presentation a make sure to put in pictures and words.
Your Brain
When you are trying to learn something your brain is doing it in pictures. You need things to be in pictures. We are also very creative and imaginative. When we are faced with a problem we imagine a way out of it.
In conclusion we are different from the average person. You think in pictures. Also you learn best that way. Remember you are the best you are. You need to use this because it can help you in later life.
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