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Advance in technology

No description

Preston Smith

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Advance in technology

Past Experiences
Real life example- A 15 year-old girl was a bully in fifth grade and she bullied one of her peers and when she finally stopped she was bullied a few months later by the girl that she had previously bullied.

People who were bullied most likely did it because they used to be bullied. The cycle will go around and around because the people who have been bullied feel they need to get their bullier back.
Advance in technology
Cyber Bulling
The Influences

Self Esteem
A lot of people who cyber bully have very low self esteem because they feel that making someone else feel bad will make them feel better inside. Wrong!

A 11 year-old boy in California said that he was bullied by a heavier kid. The young boy knew that people talk behind the kid's back about how fat he is our he looks like a pig. He thought that since the bully was made fun of then it made the bully feel better to make someone else feel better.
As we all know technology advances every day. Even here at Castle Rock Middle we have technology that wasn't present in our parents age. This may take bullying to a new level.Not only can you get bullied at school but now you can get bullied in the home. This was the safe haven until a phone or a computer were introduced.
For example 71% of all teens have cell phones. And all 71% are at risk of being cyber bullied.

This could be an influence because the amount of tech. in the home gives bullies a reason to bully at school and home. They know that the victim will always see it.
Movies and T.V.
Bullies a lot of the time feel sad about how they are mean to people but they think that since they are happy to do it then the victim is happy as well or the other way around with sadness.

Their are many examples and studies of how most bullies feel sad about their life even that they feel sorry for bullying but that doesn't change their minds. A group of popular girls in a high school in Utah were accused of cyber bullying a few other girls studies show that the group of girls were starving them selves to be skinny. Feeling depressed about their body image went away when they made other peolpe feel bad about their body image.
Most of us have a famous person that we want to be. Wether it be Will Ferrell or Demi Lavto.So we act like them.This is an influence because a celebrity just might have cyber bullied so we match them by doing it ourselves.

Another possibility could be what they see in movies. They Could watch the movie called Cyber Bully. they may completely miss the point of its wrong and see it as Its okay to cyber bully.
Role models
Most people think that all hobbies are like sports or stuff with a team, well that is correct but some peoples hobbies aren't just going out and playing/doing a sport. Cyber bullying can turn into a hobby for people who do it on a regular basis. A boy in Florida thought cyber bullying was fun and okay ans started doing it on a regular basis and for him it turned into a day by day hobby.

This leads to harassment because it will turn into a whole group thing and every time that group will get together they will commit a form of cyber bullying.
We usually have a role model that we se as the greatest and that they make no mistakes-at all. Well if we think that our role model has a justified reason to cyber bullying. This could be an influence because there could be a role model that has cyber bullied so they think that this is okay to do.
If you look around you there are peers. Peers don't exactly mean friends but they are still influences. They are not only bad they might influence you to help the community.But these peers may leed you to cyber bulling
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