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on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Integration

Add note to order
Send email notification
Update order
Open a task
Attach documents
What is an integration?
the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole.

Types of Integrations
- our system is linked directly with the customers system

Integration Process
1. Sales presents opportunity
2. Review/Prioritize opportunity
3. Planning
4. Development
5. Testing
6. Implementation

How things work
Other integrations
Why integrate?
Competitive advantage

Encompass 360
- Keybank
- Citibank Home Equity

Third Party
- our system is linked to a third party service provider's system, who then delivers the data to the customers system
2. Review/Prioritize Opportunity
Does customer require integration?
- PennyMac
- Aimloan.com
- Fay Servicing
Direct Integrations
Vinca to Vinca
How much internal development time is needed for the project?
Third Party Integrations
- Flagstar
- Nationstar Mortgage
- JPM Chase Private Banking
- loanDepot.com
- Citibank
- U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
3. Planning
Review client requirements with the eCommerce team, management, business unit leaders, etc.
- what products will be opened?
- where will data go in Vinca?
- how will users send and receive events?
Analyze business requirements & integration specifications to define the internal process
Create programming specs for developers
4. Development
Software Developer writes code to make integration work.
- work closely with eComm team during development process
- internal testing throughout the process
Mobile Notary App
Ability for notaries to accept, interact and complete closings with real-time alerts/updates to ORT via web integration.
download and print closing pkg from smartphone
upload signed package
scan shipping label
track orders and payments
Custom interface - includes title, closing, & fee calculator
Standardizes and modernizes the closing process
Meet CFPB requirements
Transparent, secure, educational experience for consumers
Brings all parties (borrower, lender, title company, real estate agent) to one central location
Digital Closing Solutions
Streamline operations for all parties
Data integrity
Lender has one workflow for all vendors
Lower production costs
Enhanced communication methods
Workflow enhancements
6. Implementation
Create customer specs and internal workflow
Train users
5. Testing
How do I know what integration a customer uses?
- customer specs
- customer record
Final workflow testing with third party servicer and/or lender
Inbound Service
Open a new order
Bundle or individual product
Note types
Trigger - initiates the process or action

Order/Product Status
specific note types are used to send desired event or comment
specific document descriptions are used to send attachments
Other events sent
using another event to trigger an event
status changes are used to send specific events and/or comments
Web portal
Digital closing solutions
Mobile notary App
customer and vendor
title premiums and policy jackets
More to come....
How can I tell a specific
order is integrated?
- API User
Closing Protection Letters
automated CPL generation
What are the monetary costs (per order fee, initial set up, yearly license etc.)
What is the potential order volume?
Are there potential additional customers?
Does it benefit any existing customers?
Orders opened via an integration will have a note in the order added by "API USER"
API (Application Programming Interface)
Attachments added by "API USER" are documents uploaded to Vinca through an integration
exception: vendor order forms when products are auto-assigned
Title/Closing/Curative/Recording product bundle opened in Vinca
Loan data populated to Vinca fields and order notes
New products show in users Vinca queues
A note is placed in the Vinca order detailing the fees imported
Encompass user requests pricing in ORT service interface
Pricing is returned from ezJacket & Vinca
User imports pricing in to Encompass HUD/GFE
User sends doc signing request through ORT service interface
A scheduling task is opened in the closing product
A note is placed in the Vinca order with the scheduling details
An email is sent to the closing group box with the scheduling details
If fees are not available within Encompass an email notifictaion will be sent to referral and order entry to manually prepare a quote and email back to the customer
User sends comments through ORT service interface
An email notification is sent to closing group box
A note is entered in to the Vinca order
User sends attachment through ORT service interface
An email notificaiton is sent to closing group box
The document is attached to the Vinca title product
User adds note selecting integration specific note type
User saves file and clicks the send note icon
Encompass status/history is updated and user receives email notification a comment has been sent to them
User attaches document & adds description as required for integration
User selects attachment they want upload and clicks send attachment icon
Encompass user receives email notificaiton attachments are available for upload to Encompass
Note: only one attachment can be delivered at a time using this method
Using deliver to customer
Multiple attachments can be sent using 'deliver to customer'

user checks 'send with product' on all attachments to be delivered
user clicks 'deliver to customer' icon
attachments will be uploaded to customer
Uploading a document
Uploading a comment
Notifications to Encompass user
notifications to the Encompass user for comment & document uploads go to the email address listed in the 'email product to field'
Automated status updates
Status updates are uploaded to Encompass at various status changes throughout the lifecycle of the order
Note: Encompass users to not receive email notifications for status updates
Other actions
Data received electronically from customer
recording fees
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