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About Autism

Jamie Librea

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Autism

What is Autism? A complex Development disorder. Usually occurs during ages 2 and 3 Effects the persons brain Is There More severe Autism? Yes, there is more severe cases of Autism. The more severe it is the less the person will be able to learn and talk. Most often people with Autism will repeat words and phrases he or she hears which is a event called "Echolalia". My brother for instance has severe Autism. Also there are ranges of Autism from severe to mild. What Are the Characteristic of Someone with Autism People with Autism try to avoid eye contact with other people and resist from doing what people want him/her to do. Also people with autism may appear deaf because they do not respond to words or sounds. Also they'd be extremely distressed by everyday noises vacuum cleaners, T.v, Radio etc. Also autistic people would be "tuned out" and be in there own little world. Four out of five people with autism are male.Autism is one of 4 major brain disabilities. People with severe Autism will be very aggressive and highly unusual and in some cases harms them selves with self injury's. QUESTION TIME! I'll TAKE A TIP! Okay! If you ever see a Autistic child in a mall, restaurant and even a park. COOL DOWN! Don't go up to him or her and say "hi" because people with severe Autism might get scared and annoyed that they might even try to push you away from them because your a little TOO into their comfort zone, so keep away from them in a short distance. Also don't get scared if they bang their head or jump up and down its just something to calm them down because of the frustration building up in them, they just have to let it out. Wear Blue and support Autism! I'M GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP!
APRIL IS NATIONAL AUTISM MONTH!!!!!!!!!! Trust me I am! I'm going to
make a difference
will you? BLUE! Through My Eyes...! Imagine what its
like to be me... PS. READ THE JAN LIBREA BIOGRAPHY Things May never change... Unless we work ... Thank
you! THE END! :) JAN! ABC People with Autism... Listening
Expressing themselves Have trouble... Do...
Repeated body movements
Strange responses
Are sensitive to... Sounds
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