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How to draw Anna and Elsa from Frozen

How to draw Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Rebecca Oborn

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of How to draw Anna and Elsa from Frozen

How to Draw Elsa and Anna of Arendelle from Frozen
You need to draw the shape of Elsa. First, draw the shape of Elsa's head (it will be an oval), it needs to be in the middle of the paper. Next, add two lines on the bottom of the head to make a neck. Then draw the shoulders and and the upper torso. We will only be drawing a small portion of her body.
Now, you need to outline the face. Draw a plus sign a little bit off the center of the head and make it kind of curved, like this:

Then mark it up so that it looks like this:
Now we need to do the eyes. The eyes are the most complicated part. This is the eyes when they are finished.
The circle in the middle of the face is supposed to be the nose. Make is a little sharper, pointing more up. Then you need to draw the nostrils. They will be pretty small. Just add a small c shape on each side of the nose, then connect them. Shade is so that you can tell Elsa is turned three quarters of the way.

For the lips, draw a thin m-like shape below the nose. Then draw a line underneath. Draw the bottom lip next, This is thin too. The lips will also need to be turned. Follow the guidelines on your paper to make them seem proportional on the three quarters face.
Elsa's hair is kind of hard. She has a loose side french braid. Just use the picture at the top for the top part of the hair. Braids are difficult to draw for most people. You need to draw tube like things that are connected and look like this:
Now you're

For Elsa, the body is done with the outline, but if you want, you can add small sequin squares to the bodice of her dress.
For Anna, You will need to draw this for the
Anna's eyes are kind of difficult. They look like this finished:
Once again, we will need to do the highlight, pupils, and Iris. The eyelashes are fairly long and start a little ways up from the bottom of the eye.
Elsa's eyelashes are long on one end and get smaller as they go toward the middle of her face.
When you fill in the pupils, you need to leave a small white dot for a highlight.
Elsa's Nose When Finished
Anna's nose is kind of like a squiggle with a j on one side and a c on the other. You also need to make sure to draw the bridge of the nose on both faces.
Anna's Nose When Finished
Anna's lips are smiling slightly. Draw a small m-like line, then draw a line that extends a little bit past the M. Then draw the bottom lip.
To do Anna's hair, you kind of need to do
a line around the head. Then you do the two braids on each side of the head. For the bangs, just draw a small upside down V on the forehead, then add zig-zag lines to it and bring it over to the edge of the head.
Anna's bodice is very decorated. If you want, you don't have to do the swirls and zig-zags, you could just do the outline. If you do want to, then here is a picture to use:
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