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1.2 (H) Unifying Themes of Biology

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Melissa Panzer

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of 1.2 (H) Unifying Themes of Biology

1.2 Unifying Themes of Biology
Key Concept: There are four themes that come up time and time again in all fields of biology
Main Idea #2: Structure & Function are Related in Biology
Main Idea #3: Organisms must maintain homeostasis to survive in diverse environments
Main Idea #4: Evolution Explains the Unity & Diversity of Life
MAIN IDEA #1: All Levels of Life have Systems of Related Parts
is an organized group of interacting parts.
A cell is a system of chemicals and processes.
A body system includes organs that interact.
includes living and nonliving things that interact.

Levels of Biological Organization

the maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism.
Homeostasis is usually maintained through negative feedback, which return conditions to normal
Learning Objectives
1. Define key terms:
system, ecosystem, homeostasis, evolution,
2. Summarize the four major themes of biology
3. Give an example of each theme of biology
4. List the levels of biological organization
Proteins with different structures perform different functions.
Structure Determines Function
Structure Determines Function
Brain cells have different structure and function that red blood cells
Structure Determines Function
Different species have different anatomical structures with different functions
1. How might this classroom be considered a system?
2. Name & describe three levels at which life can be studied?
1. Give an example of how structure is related to function in living things
1. What is homeostasis?
2. Why is it important?
3. How is it usually maintained?
Behaviors & adaptations maintain homeostasis
Change in living things over time (change in genetic makeup of a species)
Evolution can occur through natural selection of adaptations
Adaptation: beneficial inherited trait that are passed to future generations
Occur over many generations due to environmental pressures
Unity: Similar cell structures and processes

Diversity: All species alive are result of billions of years of adaptation to different environments
Evolution explains....
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