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Cynthia Guo

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of Verizon

Stock Graph with Phone Competitors

Table of Contents
Brief Overview
Stock Graph with Phone Competitors(10 years)
Stock Graph with Television Competitors
Ideal Customer
National Coverage with Competitors
World- Wide Coverage with Competitors
Table of Contents
SWOT Analysis
Effect of Recession
Effect of Recession Among Competitors
Effects of Obama Administration
Recent News
Future Outlook
Stock Graph with Television Competitors
National Coverage with Competitors
World- Wide Coverage with Competitors
Financial Analysis

SWOT Analysis
Effect of Recession
Effect of Recession Among Competitors
Effects of Obama Administration
Verizon has lost profit after recession
-Net profit fell 21% in 2Q of 2009
-Resulting in 8,000 job cuts
-A loss of about 2 million home phone customers
CEO believes there is not a substantial impact on business
-Most customers are under contract
-72.1 million customers in 2008, 92.8 million in 2012
-During recession, people stay home more to save money

Forced by NSA to give information on phone calls
Order was Top Secret but was leaked
Required to give:
-Phone numbers
-International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)
-Calling card numbers
-Time and duration
Information is used for protection against terrorists
Lawsuit against them for this
Lawsuit represented by customer named Larry Klayman
Brief Overview
•Verizon Communications Inc., based in New York City, was formed on June 30, 2000, from the merger between Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp.
•The merger was one of the largest ever in U.S business history.
•GTE and Bill Atlantic were among the largest telecommunications companies with revenues of more than $25 billion and $33 billion.
•Verizon is derived from Latin word “veritas”, signifying certainty, horizon and reliability.
•April 3rd 2000: London based Vodafone and Verizon agreed to a joint-venture that would form Verizon Wireless.
•Verizon holds a 55% stake while Vodafone holds 45% stake in Verizon wireless.
•Verizon began trading on the NYSE under the symbol (VZ), on July 3, 2000. Verizon began trading on NASDAQ on March 10, 2010

AT&T holds over 292 million people.
Verizon holds over 100 million customers in America.
Sprint holds about 55 million customers (lost over 600,000 in 2012)
T-mobile holds about 40 million users.
Recent News
•Verizon wireless had entered a $45 billion purchase agreement with several phone manufacturers.

•Verizon Wireless' failure to sell a certain amount of I-Phones, may end up costing the carrier roughly $14 billion at the end of this year.

•Verizon has also faced a strike involving about 45,000 employees, as the union demanded talks on contracts be taken seriously, since health care benefits and pensions became endangered.

•Following 16 months of negotiations Verizon agreed to a new contract with an 8% raise over four years, higher employee contribution to health care and a shift from pensions to 401k accounts for new employees.

Verizon currently has 183,400 employees

Verizon is a Dow 30 company

Verizon has a business network set up for all of the Fortune 500 companies

VZ Wireless Revenue- $20 billion
VZ Wireline Revenue- $3.6 billion
Income Statement (2012)
•Sales/ Revenue 115.85B
•Depreciation 14.92B
•Net Income 875M

Balance Sheet
•Total Current assets 21.24B
•Total Current Liabilities 26.96B
•Current Ratio .79

•Verizon has its reach in a vast array of different products and services.

• The carrier has separated itself into three main branches, including residential, business and wireless.

•Verizon wireless has continued to improve its 4G LTE smartphone lineup. In the second quarter, Verizon Wireless launched the Pantech Perception, the Nokia Lumia 928, the Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE, the Blackberry Q10, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One would be available later this summer

•Verizon offers FiOS TV, Internet and digital voice service, all over it's 99.9% reliable fiber-optic network

Main Phone Services Competitors

Stock Graph Compare
Future Outlook

An increase in the government's surveillance program, may lead Verizon to lose customers as more private data is being released without their consent.

Threatening expansion from smaller rival companies like
T-mobile and Sprint.

Verizon's Plan to Remain Successful

Expanding its fiber-optic network to bring TV and video directly into households.

Utilizing its acquisition of Terremark in 2011, to expand its global outreach and range of services with governments across the world.
Time Warner Cable
Stock Price: $114.07
Market Cap: $33.46 billion
Average Volume: 2.7 million

Stock Price: $18.69
Market Cap: $4.94 billion
Average Volume: 3.15 million

Stock Price: $45.08
Market Cap: $111.52 billion
Average Volume: 12.59 billion

Stock Price: $63.28
Market Cap: $35.76 billion
Average Volume: 3.43 million

-Cut 12,000 jobs in 2008
-Had to cut customers' services
due to unpaid bills (stocks fell
-Cut 8,000 jobs in 2009
-Suspend 401k for workers in 2009
-2,800 job cuts in 2012
-Stock prices fell to lower than $20
in 2008
Strong reputation of excellent coverage across the U.S.
Robust network and Global coverage.
Strong customer service
Top of the line equipment: Android smartphones, iPhone 4, iPad
4G/LTE network with unlimited data plans for $29.99
4G Network allows simultaneous phone text and data usage
Largest cell phone carrier
Name brand recognition & goodwill

No true unlimited data
Franchise stores sales and service is independent of parent company and follow their own rules
Not a major player outside of USA

Further expansion in the industry
Focus on International expansion
New markets - internationally
New products
Integration with GPS improvement
Add more cell towers to have fewer dropped calls

Intense COMPETITION in the wireless space

Ideal Customer
Father- Christopher Maxwell
Mother- Alexis Maxwell
Daughters- Kim Maxwell
Khloe Maxwell
Kate Maxwell
Son- James Maxwell
Christopher Maxwell- 42
Alexis Maxwell- 37
Kim Maxwell- 19
Khloe Maxwell-18
Kate Maxwell-16
James Maxwell-14
Annual Income
Combined parents income:
Race- White
Native Country- Italy
Both parents born in Italy
Children born in the United States
Geographic Location
Family lives in NYC (Glendale, Queens)
Owns a three-family house; 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
Oldest daughter attends Baruch
Other children attend Bronx Science H.S.
Psychographic Analysis
Busy parents (Both working)
College ready daughter
Other daughters are in high school and are doing well
Son is about to enter high school
Daughters have no curfew
Religion is not a major factor
Family is social, open-minded and modernized
Time Warner Cable:
-Total assets dropped $19,130
in 2009
-Received double B rating
from S&P
-Flat subscriber rate in 2009
-Had to raise prices in order to
increase revenue
Verizon 143.80 billion
AT&T 190.83 billion
Sprint 20.13 billion
T- Mobile 17.92 billion

Market Capitalization
"Off the chart speed"
"Perfect picture TV"
"HD-quality digital voice"
Started in 2005
Jarisa Mora
Cuiyu Kuang
Ali Janati
Cynthia Guo
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