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For Japanese Project

Selena Gomez

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Chindogu

(Japanese Inventions)

Useful/cool inventions
-water fueled car -Matress with a built in fan
-computer heated lunch box -safety socks
-security enhanced personalised stamp
-tap controlled touchscreen camera -curved chopsticks
-Rain poncho for bicycles -talking piggy bank
-water proof cloths -pedometer with a safety alarm
-long distance pet feeder -earphone alarm
-earless eyeglasses
5 main vocab words
power: chikara
Safety: onzen
Machine: kikai
Invention: hatsumei
Helping: hitodasuke
Why Inventions?
We chose to do Japanese inventions because we thought it would be very interesting and we had previously heard about how crazy some Japanese inventions are. When reasearching them it didn;t feel like a project, it was really fun and very interesting. We found that we were telling our families and friends about some of the hilarious japanese inventions.
Funny/Weird Inventions
-Slipper machine -singing note (otama tone)
-blinking eyeballs -coin eating dog (and other animals) -japanese potty training toy
-helping hand -safety socks -hay fever hat
-the 360 degrees panoramic camera -noodle eater hair guard -umbrella tie
-10 in 1 gardening tool -slippers and dustpan -girlfriend lap pillow -subway chin rest -anti-rape disguise

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- inventorspot.com/articles/japanese_toy_dog_oshikko_inu_pees_house
- http://sobadsogood.com/2013/01/14/10-of-the-most-ridiculous-japanese-inventions-of-all-time/
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- www.japaninc.net/top-10-japanese-inventions/
- bernardsinai.hubpages.com/hub/Top-10-Inventions-from-Japan-that-Changed-IT
- pocket dictionary, japanese
- google translate
- teacher help
- prezi.com

By Anastasia, Cara, Chantelle, Emily and Phuong
Our 20 words:
Robot: robotto
Machine: kikai
Coin: cozeni
Potty: omaru
Toy: omocha
Helping: hitodasuke
Safety: onzen
360 degrees: san hiyaku
Camera: kanara
Guard: keibiin
Hat: boushi
Tie: mekutai
Gardening: engei
Tool: dougu
Lap: hiza
Pillow: makura
Subway: chikatetsu
Rest: yasumi
Power: chikara
Anti-rape: goukan shitenai

Pictures of Funny/Weird Inventions
Anti- rape disguise
Umbrella Tie
Noodle eater hair guide
Blinking eyes
hay fever hat
girlfriend lap pillow
Historic japanese inventions
Japanese tech companies are better known for improving upon foreign inventions, but there have been plenty of significant technologies to come out of japan in the last 50 years. Here are some quite significant ones:
1. The flat panel display- Sony Watchman FD-210
2. The floppy disk
3. The digital SLR camera
4. The video cassette
5. The camcorder
6. The pocket/electronic calculator
7. The portable music player
8. The quartz wristwatch
9. The high-speed passenger train
10. The compact disk
11. Karaoke
12. Robotics

Ramen Robot

Japanese inventions started in 1894, today there have been hundreds of very original inventions created. Chindogu are used in some people's every day lives and some Chindogu are only used once in a lifetime.
Inventors have been registering bright ideas with the world's patent office for over 150 years.
how has technology changed the world?
While the flush toilet, aspirin, the computer, the pill,
the photo-copier and the mobile phone have proved invaluable,the same cannot be said of every innovation. 'spectacles for chickens' may seem odd, but the birds do have a tendency to try to peck each other's eyes out, so it serves some sort of purpose. 'chindogu' is the japanese word coined for the art
of the unuseless idea.
Strangely practical and utterly eccentric inventions
for a life of ease and hilarity have taken the land
of the rising sun by storm.
meant to solve the niggling problems of modern life,
these bizarre and logic-defying gadgets and gizmos
have a tendency to fail completely.
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