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No description

Mrs Copeland

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Dyslexia

Support for pupils with Dyslexia
What is it like to have dyslexia?
What is it really like to be dyslexic?
Is everyone the same?
In the classroom:

Most staff are not special needs specialists. How can we make sure that any strategies are manageable for staff?

What small steps can classroom teachers do to help every day?

Avoiding the river effect by left justifying text where ever possible...
It is really easy to get carried away on PPT!
What can help?
1. Avoid shiny paper.

2. Make sure it is thick enough to stop text showing through from the other side.

3. Avoid white paper, use buff or pastel colours.

Animations can make it even worse!
Choosing fonts carefully can help.
Aim for a font size of 12 - 14 at least.

Double spacing can also be helpful.
Avoid narrow columns.
Keep lines short 60 - 70 characters
Space out the work with short paragraphs.
Avoid starting a sentance at the end of the line.
Use numbers or bullet points rather than continuous prose.
numbers are best!
Try to left justify text to avoid the river effect...
Writing style
Keep sentences simple.
Give clear instructions.
Avoid double negatives.
Check the readability of text...
First...go to the tool icon and check word options at the bottom
Under proofing, make sure the 'Show readability statistics' button is ticked.
Check the spelling of the document and when it is finished...it will show the readability scores at the bottom.
The Flesch Reading test rates documents on the ease of reading out of 100.
The higher the score, the easier it is to understand the document.
Most pupils read well at 60 - 70.
A dyslexic child may find documents with a score of 70 - 80 easier to read.
How can we encourage all staff to take the message on board?
You want me to do what?
Make life simple where possible...
Agree simple achieveable goals.
Give good quality information.
Time to plan and share ideas e.g. run a market place to let people showcase what has worked for them.
Provide resources for people e.g. pale blue or buff photocopy paper readily available.
Why not consider using e-readers with pupils.
They can vary the background, the font, the size of text andthe line spacing to suit themselves.
Many people find using the landscape function helpful; it lets them limit the amount of text visible at any one time.
In a busy school with too many initiatives and too little time...how can we help?
Encourage people to recognise the potential
Useful websites:



Mind maps
Can help people to organise ideas and see the links between them.
Touch typing has also been seen to be really helpful..
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