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Veterans Case Study

No description

Meghan Grace

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Veterans Case Study

Veteran's Case Study HED-617
Meghan Grace
Janette Montalvo
Juan Pereyra The Veteran Population Veterans & Higher Education Recommendation for Campus Advisory Council Space Conclusion Why Higher Education? The purpose of the advisory council is to collaborate to identity and address issues veterans face.
Once obstacles that pertain to veterans are identified, campus communities can address issues.
Major issues that the advisory council should seek to address include:
Understanding the Veterans Administration.
Academic Achievement and Success
Mental Health and Disability Central campus location
Multipurpose 1000 students per semester.
Mixed methodology
Card swipe
Surveys & Focus Groups
Suggestion Box What is a "Veteran Friendly" Campus? A campus where the programs and people are put in place to assist in the transition between service and college.
Active commitment to development and assistance of veterans and active soldiers as students.
Strives to increase awareness of veteran population to the general population in order to ease assimilation and create community among faculty/staff/students/etc. Benchmarking of
Top National Programs 660,000 undergraduate veterans
73% male, 27% female
Generally non-traditional students
Majority 24 years or older
Married & families Gain education to prepare for entrance into work place.
Preparing students to be active & contributing members of democratic society.
Personal, professional, experiential development & growth. Inputs Environment Outputs Astin's
I-E-O A B C Resources,
Programs, & Services Pre-Entry
Attributes Intentions
Commitments Academic
Experiences Social
Experiences Intentions
Commitments Departure
Decision I
N Family Background
Skills & Abilities
Prior Schooling Academic Performance
Faculty & Staff Interactions Extracurricular Involvement
Peer-Group Interactions Tinto's Model of Student Departure Purdue University Partnership with Military Family Research Institute
Provides services and programs such as:
Orientation for veterans
Mentor Programs
Tuition Flexibility
Military Family Research Institute
Student Veteran Organziation Eastern Kentucky University Ranked 2nd in best four year institutions for veterans.
Provides services and programs such as:
No admissions fees
In-state tuition
Maximum credit for military experience
Prior registration
Book vouchers and books for Boots Exchange Library
Veterans Bridge to College Success cohort Classes
Veterans orientation course
Veteran-helpful withdrawal and readmission policy
Vet-2-Vet sponsorship program and active Vets Club
Recreational and other extracurricular activities
Specially designated housing for student veterans Texas Women's University Ranked in the top 50 universities for veteran students.
Assists students in documentation and degree certification
Provides programs and services such as:
Military Transcripts
Scholarship benefits
Post 9/11 GI Bill
Montgomery GI Bill
Hazelwood Tuition Exemption
National Guard Tuitition Assistance
Vocational Rehabilitation
VA work study
Military Spouse Career Advancement
Texas Veteran Leadership Program The following stakeholders should be included as members on the advisory council to best ensure veteran student success: Specialized Academic Support Graduate Assistant for Academic Programming & Assistance Director of Veteran Affairs Oversees all happenings of Veteran Affairs
Serves as main liaison to U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Oversee undergraduate tutors.
Coordinate & facilitate academic success workshops.
Collaborate with Academic Advising & Registration Graduate Assistant for Social & Community Programming Serve as advisor for Veteran Student Organization
Oversee undergraduate Community Programming Assistants.
Liaison for internal & external partnerships. Front Desk Reception 6 undergraduate positions.
10 per week.
Welcome & assist veterans visiting the center.
Card swiping for tracking.
Keep center clean and put together. Tutoring & Academic Success Assistants 7-10 undergraduate students.
7-10 hours per week.
1-1 tutoring for fellow veterans.
Available for appointments & drop in hours. Community Programming Assistants 2 undergraduate positions.
10 hours per week.
Assist in coordinating and planning community building programs such as Veteran Speaker Series. Partnerships Assessment Plan Staff & Organization ROTC Academic Advising Residence
Life Career
Services Campus Health Financial Aid Student Government Disability Resources The Office of Veteran Affairs strives to serve and assist student veterans in their journey of assimilating & transitioning into student and civilian life.
The Office of Veteran Affairs aims to remove any obstacles or barriers of this process, while celebrating the unique culture of camaraderie within the veteran community. Director of the Office of Veteran Affairs Graduate Assistants for Veteran Affairs Dean Dean of Students Psychological Services Career Services Financial Aid Residence Life Academic Advising & Enrollment Admissions
& Recruitment Transfer Center Student representative from Student Veteran Organization Student Government Association Personal & Professional Growth Education & Awareness Initiatives Social & Community Outreach Special Events Academic Success Workshops
Individualized Academic Advising
Specialized Veteran Success Courses
Summer Internship on Base
Military Studies Minor Career Services Counseling & Resources
Veteran Student Health Benefits
Accessibility Services & Resources VA Education & Documentation Debriefings
Peer Mentoring Program
OVA Discussion Circle
Ask a Veteran Speaker Series Veteran Orientation
Residence Hall
Alumni Association
Student Veteran Organization
Family Outreach & Inclusion "Serve with your Service Member"
Veteran Appreciation Week
Battle of the Branches
Monthly Newsletter
Commencement Ceremony
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