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Nova Lowry

Juan Mexican

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of CANDY CARTEL

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c COMPANY OWNER Mr. Barr CANDY CARTEL Employees Nova Lowry
Albert Arradondo
Lindsey Red Elk
Maddie Fruewald
Chris Sutton
Joel Worthington
Justis Clark
Megan Murray MONEY MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS JUSTIS CLARK MARKETING SALES Lindsey Red Elk Joel Worthington Albert Arradondo III Chris Sutton MEGAN MURRAY Management Maddie Fruehwald C.E.O.
Human Resources
Operations $$$$$$$$$$$$ As operations we made sure that all the supplies such as hoses, towels, soap, etc. were there for the employes to use in the car wash. Car Wash Location - School Driveway
When - Saturday, May 4, 10:00AM - 2:00PM School Sale Where - In front of the library
When - Every Tuesday and Thursday Planned and made sure that the candy, table, chairs, and other product were there, so there is no confusion when setting up. Spring-Fling When - Friday April 19, 6:00 - 8:00PM
Where - School "Blue Room" This operation is just planning attendance Selling Out of School Participation - All have sold out of school
Products not sold out of school - Pop Corn, pickles, water, chips, Gatorade. How we hired our employees? we decided to hire people off their strengths and weaknesses. The problems we have faced were communication and personality issues between employees we also based it off reliability and responsibility Problems we faced Ceo- Nova Hr- Albert Manager-Maddie Operations-Megan and Justis Accountant-Lindsey Sales - Chris Marketing- Joel Gave us guidance , boss insured people completed their jobs floor manager made sure the table was always up took notes/planned events and brought the table to the selling location purchased product and money accounabilty sales representative was in control of marketing . Accounting Candy Cartel THE CANDY CARTEL GRAND TOTAL IS.... $221.00! WOW! that's amazing! WEEKLY TOTALS WEEK 1 = $50.92
WEEK 2 = $79.00
WEEK 3 = $131.55
WEEK 4 = $94.54
WEEK 5 = $141.54
WEEK 5 = $169.64
WEEK 6 = $221.25 total money after every week what attracts consumers? Week 3-4 Week 5 Car wash Marketing Techniques we used: Signs Flyers Announcements Word of Mouth E-mails Week 1-Week 2 Techniques for those weeks were signs and announcements Week 1 Week 2 announcement announcement Experiment with no announcements $70 $45 ann. sign Week 3 Then in week 4 added them again $115 Week 4 prev. memory memory sign ann. sign same plan as week 4 to test results signs and announcements use donations only and selling food to attract people $31 $51 memory sign ann. techniques: announcements flyers word of mouth made $20 from 2 people Future Ideas Things we keep Things we add Signs Announcements Word of mouth Social Media Outside influence Expanding present ideas Sales The products that we have sold are Starbust,
popcorn, gatoraid, hershys, skittles, chips, pickles,kik kats, reese's, air head, and starbust 25 Heshys A-$1.00 each

30 Popcorn-$1.00 each

15 Skittles-$1.00

15 Reese's-$1.00

24 Gatoraid-$1.00

18 Air Head-$1.00

10 Chips-$1.00

Carwash-$20.00 Conclusion Although we had some unique challenges, over all it was a good experience. It was an eye opener realizing that being in a company is actually a team effort. Even though we had quite a few disagreements, we got through it. We as a company have not only gained experience of how a company works, but we also learned how to deal with conflicting personalities, responsibility and communication. This was a great opportunity and now we are able to take the lessons we have learned though this experience and apply them
throughout our lives. Candy Cartel CEO Nova Albert Manager Maddie Accountant Lindsey Marketing Joel Sales Chris Operations Megan & Justis HR Candy Cartel
Products Management * Worked the candy table
* Took detailed notes
* Helped set up
* Made sure we had a plan
* Bought product
* Helped advertise
* Managed the operations
* Kept up with marketing
* Over viewed outside sales sign we communicated and we had to put our personal problems so the job could be done at maxed capacity Problem resolution e-mails
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