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Population Pyramid Project

No description

Lauren Fromm

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Population Pyramid Project

Population Pyramid Project
By Lauren Fromm and Jamie Logan
Period 1

Central America
Costa Rica vs. Guatemala
South Eastern Asia
Singapore vs. Philippines
Northern Europe
Iceland vs. Ireland
Costa Rica
1) The population pyramid resembles a fat christmas tree.
2) This shows that Costa Rica has a population of younger people, so they have high fertility rates. Costa Rica has lower mortality rates than other Central American countries because the population starts dying at around 60.
1) The graph is in the shape of a pointed barrel.
2)This graph shows that the population remians constant for every age, then it dies off rapidly starting at 65. The birth rate and fertility
remains constant at the
1) The population pyramid resembles a wide-based pyramid.
2) This shows that Guatemala has a population of lots of kids and teens which means they have a high fertility rate, but then their population starts dying around the age of 35, so they also have a high mortality rate.
1) The Irish population pyramid is in the shape of an arrow.
2)The younger ages do not have a big population showing that there is not a high fertility rate. The population peaks at the age of 30-35 and then decreases gradually from there showing that mortality remains constant most of the time
4) Costa Rica has a healthier population than Guatemala because Costa Rica is wealthier and can afford better healthcare. Both of these populations have a small amount of old people because many people can't afford medicine or food.
Central America
Northern Europe
3) Costa Rica and Guatemala have some similarities and some differences. Both of the populations have lots of younger people, showing high fertility rate. However, Guatemala begins to die off faster than Costa Rica.
3) Ireland and Iceland, besides only one letter difference, are not very similar. Iceland has a very constant population all the way up to 55 years old. After this, the population decreases rapidly. Ireland, however, has a younger population that decreases quickly, most likely due to immigration to other countries, then increases back to a constant, then decreases slowly.

4)Both of these countries are islands. This effects them because it makes them susceptible to epidemics, but also allows them to stay away and quarantined. The Irish population is different because more people immigrate out of the country or perhaps die, in their late teens and early 20's.
Western Asia
Qatar vs. Israel
1)This population pyramid is shaped
like a gun pointed to the left.
Southern Africa
2) Qatar is a place where lots of middle aged men from other countries come to work. These laborers make the population pyramid very unbalanced, and make it so that the women make up only 25% of the population. Qatar also has very low birth rates and very high morality rates. The life expectancy seems to be very low, around 55.
1)This graph represents a wide-based Christmas Tree.
2)This shows that the fertility rates in Botswana, which is a third world country, are very high.This might be because they do not have any real education or contraceptives.The population drops off dramatically, demonstrating a low life expectancy
South Africa
1)The population pyramid of South Africa looks like a pyramid that has points in the middle.
2) This population graph demonstrates that South Africa has more modern technologies to control birth rates, as well as the medicine and education to have a higher life expectancy than other parts of Africa
Southern Africa
3)The main difference between these two countries is the advancement in technology. South Africa is able to manage its population while Botswana is not developed enough to.
4)These regions are so different because Botswana is a third world country and South Africa is an emerging market or developing country with much better education and technology.
1) Israel's population pyramid
resembles the shape of a fat
2) Israel has a very high birth rate and also a very high death rate. This causes the pyramid to form a triangle. Israel also has high life expectancy, at around age 75. Because the base of the pyramid is so wide and then starts to get thinner from there, Israel probabley has some infant mortatlities, but not as high as a rate as some other countries.
Western Asia
3) Qatar and Israel differ in a couple of different areas. Israel has a very high birth rate while Qatar's is pretty low. Also, because Qatar has the imported laborers, they have more middle aged men, causing the women to be a minority. In Israel, The number of men is pretty even with the number of women. Plus, Israel has a higher life expectancy than Qatar by about 20 years.
4) As I've already mentioned, Qatar has workers that come in to the country with ages ranging from 20 to 50. After the workers have done there job, they usually leave the country, resulting in a lower life expectancy. In Israel, war causes the pyramid to be a triangular shape, which means that it has a high death rate.
1) Singapore's population pyramid is shaped like a fat Christmas tree.
2) This shows that Singapore
has a low birth rate than it
did in years past. Also many young people might move to Singapore since it's a very nice city. Singapore also has a high death rate, but this could be because people who do move to Singapore usually leave in there 50's, so the population would decrease.
South Eastern Asia
Botswana vs. South Africa
1) The Philippines' population pyramid is a typical pyramid shape.
2) Philippines has a very high birthrate which is why the bottom of the pyramid is so much broader than the rest. It also has a high death rate, which lowers the life expectancy to about 55-60. Also, there are probably a lot of infant mortality since the broad bottom narrows quickly.
3) In Singapore, the birth rate was very low while in the Philippines, the birth rate was very high. Also, the population in Singapore had a lot of adults ranging from ages 20 to 50, while the Philippines had a steady decrease in population as the ages rose. Both countries life expectancy around the same ages.
4) Singapore is a country where lots of people travel, so it makes sense that there are a lot less kids and a lot more adults. Also, when people get older, many move away from this vacation spot. Because the philippines has a lot of poor people, the birth rate and death rate are both very high. This is from the lack of health care.
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