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KDL LAB Experience

No description

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of KDL LAB Experience

What is KDL LAB Experience?

Part of a spectrum of services for school-age children and their families. KDL promotes Early Literacy with the KDLville Early Literacy play space and KDL LAB builds on this by offering the next step for older children.

A branded concept that promotes creativity, collaboration, and unstructured time to explore.

Carefully selected learning tools and activities are designed to help school-age children increase their proficiency in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) disciplines.
What is a KDL LAB Experience?
Interactive space in our libraries (dedicated space or a temporary set up in an existing program space used for other programs).

Specific programming and outreach activities.

While some programs will be appealing to an inter generational audience, the KDL LAB Experience is aimed at school age kids (6-14 yrs).
How is KDL LAB Experience funded?

Initially funded with grant monies from local community organizations.

Over time it can be built into the branch programming budgets, and additionally funded with long term grants and donations from Friends groups.

KDL LAB Experience
a STEAM initiative


Not much prep is needed, plug in and ready to go. Simple tool to use.

: HOT - liability waiver needed
-3doodler can overheat after extended use
-must unload all plastic when done with it
-it either works or it doesn't

10 - 3Doodler Pens, with plastics and stencils

What is STEAM?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

An acronym that represents how all topics in subject areas relate to each other and to the real world. It is a framework for teaching that is based on natural ways of learning.
Science and Technology, interpreted through Engineering and the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.
(Source: http://www.steamed.com)

KDL LAB Experience Events
Get Revved Up
Car themed activities

: Multiple Activities
Aimed towards families

: Small pieces and parts
Intricate Engine Model = time consuming

Rubber Band Cars
Car Design Studio
2 different Model Engines
Zoob Cars
Watercolor bot

Fascinating to watch

Does not travel well
Accuracy is poor, constant problems

2 watercolorbots and a laptop for each

Refashion it

Learn how to use a sewing machine
Re-purpose old clothes and items
: Needs lots of instruction
Sewing Machines = needs waivers
Design like Da Vinci
KDL LAB Experience Signage
Specific signage created to showcase what specific STEAM disciplines are in use so it's clear to parents/caregivers what children are learning at the library.

Mad Scientist
LittleBits: Learn and invent with electronics
Snap Circuits: Fun with Simple Electronics
Robot Rumble
Previous programs that fit the KDL LAB Experience
Little Discoverer.
Take it a part

Simple, relates to history, good for outreach at schools

Catapults are fragile

Da Vinci's Catipult
Da Vinci's Bridge
Light Tables for drawing
Make your own catapult
Mirror Writing

: Good for younger ages

: Required lots of prep work
Replacement fees could be expensive
Creepy Crawlers Oven
Creature Collage


: Easy to use - magnets snap together
Small pieces
Need several kits for larger events

5 littleBits Deluxe Kits & Manuals
5 littleBits Synth Kits & Manuals
5 littleBits Space Kits & Manuals
Craft Supplies for some of the activities


: Big pieces for little hands
same concept as legos and building bricks

need to follow the kit directions
Need several kits for larger events

• 10- Snap Circuits 300 Kits & Booklets
• 5- Snap Circuits Light Kits & Booklets
• 4- Snap Circuits 750 Kits & Booklets
• Paper Clips
• AA Batteries


: Easy to use
Super fun
Lots of different robots

robots need charging
Need batteries
Need tablets to run some of them
Wear and tear

2 Dash and Dot Robot
2 Sphero Robots
10 Ozobots & Markers
2 Zoomer Dinosaur robots
10 Solar Grasshoppers @ two flashlights
3 Doodling Robots & Markers
1 Wooden Balancing Robots
1 Robot Turtles -Board game
1 Build a Robot -Puzzle and Spinner Game
Collect Measurements, statistics and patron and staff stories to show the impact to the stakeholders and funders.

Exit ticket for participants to fill out, to gather their input and collect statistics for future grants.

Help determine if a maker culture is something the community is interested in.
How to grow
KDL LAB Experience
Ask staff to evaluate programs and events to make better programs.

Train staff to host KDL LABs that will encourage innovation

Have staff help create new KDL LABs and help maintain them.

Ask for community volunteers to host and teach programs.

Seek local community partnerships.

Created in 2014
Kent District Library (KDL) has 18 branches, all vary in space
Municipalities own the buildings
Offer a mobile makerspace to gauge community interest
STEM Activities
How to grow
KDL LAB Experience
Contact info
KDL LAB Benefits
Supports 2015-2017 Strategic Goals of Supporting Learning and Cultivating Creativity
A ready-made makerspace program
Minimal investment of staff time
Increase staff comfort level and familiarity with makerspace programs
Gauge community interest in makerspace type programs
Shows the library as an innovator and keeps us relevant in the eyes of the public.
Outreach Opportunities
The Future of KDL LAB

3 Year Implementation Plan
Maker Faires

Library Conferences

Staff Orientation
Staff Development days
Open houses
Partnerships with teachers to bring labs into the classroom

Promote KDL LAB Experiences at traditional outreach events

2015- Pilot & Refinement
Tested the concept and mobile tub ideas.
Developed "WHY" materials to support the effort.
Specific signage & info guide for staff.
Refine Audience.
Continue branding of KDL LAB.
Promote it as a different type of programming.
Educate and engage staff.
Hosted an open house.
Task a work group to help manage the labs and develop future labs.

2016- Roll Out KDL LAB system wide
Develop and deploy dedicated spaces in branches.
Develop outreach model.
Create new labs and more activities.
Secure additional funding.
Friends group budgets, grants, donations.
Train staff on why KDL LAB matters.
Measurements in place.
2017- Deeper Community Involvement
Cultivate Partnerships.
Schools, scout groups, robotic groups.
Involve partners in KDL LAB, in-library and outreach efforts.
Mail 2016 annual report to partners.
Develop KDL LAB kits for checkout.
Incorporate volunteers.
Expand measurements efforts.
Work with local university to create a long term study of children who participate in KDL LAB.
2018- KDL LAB becomes part of the culture
Incorporate KDL LAB into the next strategic plan.
KDL LAB showcase at Family & Kids Expo.
Create programming with local partners.
Offer a KDL LAB Camp - spring/summer camp.
Share with other libraries who may want to replicate.
Continue measurement efforts

: Teaches Rock/mineral identification

: Rocks are heavy
*Coming Soon*
Rock & Mineral Identification
Forensic Science
Building up STEAM for fun and discovery
Experience Keva Planks


: Easy set up, allows for engineering challenges and creativity.
Kids are familiar with the concept

Cons: Have to suggest ideas for the non-creative types, have some structure around it.

2 KEVA Educational Bundle packs
Musical Exploration
Easy to use
No prep truly needed
Kids enjoy making lots of noise

Some of the instruments take some
messing around to get them to work.
Does not hold their attention for too long

Boomwhackers and two drum sticks
Lap Harp
Musical UFO
Snap Circuits Sound
Musical Kinetics Machine Kit

Finger prints are cool!
Invisible ink - UV pen is great—kids love it,
Use outside of the branch easily.

Case files get mixed up and the code is hard to break

Fingerprint Analysis
Shoe prints
Hair and Fiber Analysis
Handwriting Analysis and Secret Messages
The Case of the Missing Manuscript - a short mystery solved using the techniques learned in the above activities.

Nice number of activities to choose from
Great with a medium to large crowd
Possible to take an individual activity and use it for an outreach event

Some activities need balloons - Latex
Spaghetti for the constellation activity can break easy

DIY Parachute (Science)
Code your Initials (Technology)
Pom Shooters (Engineering)
Culinary Constellations (Art)
Tensile Bubbles (Math)
What A physical space may look like?
Varies by location, adapted for space
Several activities accessible
Activities changed on a regular basis
Pros:Science and Art in one program
Take home projects
Multi-age/skill level compatible

Cons: Cook time – not compatible with a large group unless you have multiple ovens
Latex allergies

Screaming Balloon
Spinning Penny
Balloon Skewer
Silly Putty
Molecule Building
Make Slime
Shrinky, Stretchy and Silly Science
Light up your life Paper Circuits
Science, Technology, Art
Possible to take an individual activity and use it for an outreach event.

Requires constant replenishing of battreis and LED lights

Hasbros Operation board game
Switches and Conductivity – This is an investigative problem solving station
Create a LED card
Create flashlight
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