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Matter and Its Changes

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folarin olaniyi

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Matter and Its Changes

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Changes of Matter
We see changes of Matter everywhere. Examples are like seeing leaves change to orange in the fall or the tempature beoming colder.
Physical Changes
- A change in size, shape, form, or state of matter that does not change the matter's identity is a physical change. An example can be playing play doh. Dissolving is an example of physical changes; in which is the ablitlty to dissolve.
Physical Changes
- Changes of State.
Melting Point- Is when a material melts , it changes from a solid to a liquid.
Boiling Point-Is when a liquid changes into a gas.
Energy and change in State- Changes in energy cause changes in the state of matter.
Color Change- When the color changes chemically and won't go back to its original color.

Formation of gas- When you combine substances like medicine tablet in water the medicine tabel will cause a chemical reaction.

Formation of a Precipitate- When two chemicals combine it will have an reaction it could freeze into a solid. It is the form of particles that make up the solid precipitate into a new substance.

Matter and Its Changes
Pages 366-374
Jhennifer C, Folarin O, Michelle G, Angie L

Chemical Change
Chemical Change- Change of matter is in which matter changes into a different substance with different chemical or physical properties.
The only sign of a chemical change is when a new substance is made.
Examples of Chemical Change
Energy and Chemical Change
All Chemcial reaction contain energy changes

Thermal Energy-Is often needed for a chemical reaction to take place.

Photosynthesis- Is a chemical reaction by which plants and unicellular organisms produce sugar and oxygen.Only happens when exposed to light.

Can changes be reversed?
You would think all Physical Changes could be reversed but that would be untrue. An example is cutting an apple. you cut the apple but can you ever unchange it? But it's still an apple. Chemical Changes can not be reversed but not all Physical Changes can be reversed as well.
Conservation of Mass
- A law that states; After a Physical and Chemical change the total change after will be the same as before, because the particles are just rearranged, they can't be created or destroyed.
What's the difference between Chemical and Physical Changes.
Identity of matter changes during a chemical change but does not change during a Physical Change.
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