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1990s Fashion

No description

Shalen Ogle

on 26 November 2010

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Transcript of 1990s Fashion

1990s Fashion The ‘90s was a time for change in all types of fashion, so much in fact that it is almost impossible to define ‘90s style.
This is the decade where different styles started breaking up into different “cliques”, like tighter jeans for cowboys, and looser pants for more urban lifestyles, etc. ‘80s shoulder pads slowly became non-existent, neon colors turned into more neutral shades, and big hair flattened. In this time, fashion was very heavily influenced by TV, Hollywood, and especially the music industry. Grunge Style In every decade, for all squeaky clean bubble gum pop actions there develops an opposite and angstier reaction. The 70s gave us hippies, the 80s punk rock mavens, and the 90s bore us the Generation X-level gloom of grunge It was bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden that mainly influenced this style of fashion. The "Kurt Cobain look", was most popular at this time with both girls and guys. Originating from Seattle, the grunge style first made its debut in the early 90s, becoming extremely popular with teens and young adults. Grunge was a more carless, laidback fashion attempt which mainly consisted of;
a messy swamp of plaid, flannel, browns, greens and indigos
loose, ripped jeans
long, straggled straight or wavy hair (taking place of the 80's short spikey punk hair)

At this time and for this style, there was no distinct "mens" and "womens" style, as it was all pretty much for anyone. It has since been "tweeked", but grunge fashion is still unintentionally extremely popular in today's styles. The Prep Look This style was characterized by neat, clean matching clothes. While the preppy styles from the '80s featured bright colors and soft pastels, the '90s preppy style was much more conservative and girly. In a way, this fashion movement was a rebellion against the grunge era. With a main influence like the TV show "Clueless", it was again a definite hit with young, very feminine girls. Mainly popular with girls, but also fashioned by guys as well, the preppy look usually followed the following criteria;
mini skirts, mostly one solid color, but occasionally patterned
platforms for girls, and casual shoes for guys
very tidy, sleek hair
sweaters tied over the shoulder
This look was definately a way of showing class, and in some ways popularity and wealth. Urban/Hip Hop Influence In the early 90s, hip hop fashion became influenced by traditional African dress, and was a result of the rising popularity of hip hop music. Beginning this era of dress, pop rappers like The Fresh Prince, and Kid N Play were a huge influence to followers, sporting oversized pants and many bright colors. In the later period of this fashion, it was a more gangster style that began to imerge. With celebrity influences Snoop Dogg, NWA, and the movie "Scarface". In the early 90s, both men and women would advertise very baggy and colorful clothing. Influenced by early all girl hip hop group TLC, women would pair oversized clothing and flannel shirts with tighter shirt or sports bra. This was to show that not all clothing had to be tight and formfitting in order for it to be sexy.
As the style progressed, the gangster style emerged, mainly popular with men. Many rappers set aside gang-inspired clothing in favor of classic gangster fashions such as;
bowler hats
double-breasted suits
alligator-skin shoes ("gators") Typical/ Everyday wear For those who weren't big into following a certain style, the typical everyday wear of the 90s featured;
high-waisted lighter colored blue jeans
a plain t-shirt
the layered "Jennifer Aniston hairstyle" was also very popular for women, as seen on the favorite TV show "Friends Popular 90s Fads
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