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The Environment as the 'Third' Teacher

The importance of classroom space, materials and layout in promoting rich learning in the Early Learning Kindergarten Program.

Christine Guerriero

on 5 July 2012

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Transcript of The Environment as the 'Third' Teacher

The Environment as the 'Third' Teacher Optimizing the classroom environment means selecting materials and setting up the classroom to invite rich learning opportunities Selecting interesting, open-ended materials for students to explore is the key to fostering curiosity and discovery When will these materials be used / accessed? When planning for materials and space, ask yourself: What do I expect to happen? Who will be involved? Where will the material be placed for ease of accessiblity? Why am I chosing these particular items? How will learning be assessed? (Adapted from: ETFO. 2010. "Thinking it Through") Displaying those materials in interesting ways Taking time to consider these questions and applying them to the material you have selected will help you to create invitations for learning Creating interesting combinations of material to envoke free exploration And selecting materials that provide extension opportunities to topics learned as a class Inviting students to participate in creating the spaces for play gives them ownership and builds excitement GUERRIERO's GROCER Creating inviting spaces is just as important as selecting materials... There are many on-line resources to help generate ideas for interesting spaces.
My Pinterest Board is my on line catalogue of useful resources that I use on a daily basis for inspiration and ideas around Inquiry and Play-based learning which includes ideas on use of space. It is also a great way to share resources with other team members: Bringing in elements of nature easily extends children's natural curiosity and helps them explore 'wonderings' up-close! Adapted from: Curtis, D. (2004). Creating Invitations for Learning. Child Care Information Exchange, May/June, 38-40. Using your walls to provide anchors for students to reference as they explore will help reinforce concepts and scaffold independent attempts at using information. A well-planned physical environment can be a teachers best ali! Created by: Christine Guerriero http://pinterest.com/cguerriero/inquiry-play-based-learning/
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