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Smart wig

No description

Jacob Sugden

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Smart wig

This wig was made by Sony, to help you navigate to places and also it measures body health. This is a idea Sony are testing and making.
Cool features

The wig has sensors and cameras in it and could help navigate roads and even collect health information.It is a very cool fashion statement and for those without hair it will give you hair that will help you with day to day life .Also the smart wig is being made to connect to wifi.
Smart wig
You will never get lost again
The smart wig has technology that reads your brainwaves and directs you to where you want to go with its gps navigation system.
This could potentially become a massive profitable invention that will help lots of people across the world find places that they have never been to before easily and quickly.
The smart wig could change the world forever because of its new simple easy to use navigation system (people will never get lost again). Also it has functions that read your bodys healthso it will help to save lives.

Sony hope that the smart wig will become the next fashion item.
The main point of the smart wig is so people never get lost again
Sony are going to make the smart wig to compete with the new google glasses.
Strengths- This is a new idea because nobody has ever invented hair that helps you get around.It is totally unique and has potential to be the next big thing.

Weakness-Im not sure that many people would want to have a wig if they are not bald.

oppurtunities-This product could become big because it is totally unique product and has no direct wig opponents.

Threats-This product is competing with a big new fashion statement the google glasses.Google is a big company so it will be a real challenge to compete and beat the google glasses.Glasses will aim at a wider market than a wig.
How the smart wig will affect the world?
Disruptive technology
Disruptive technolology is massive break throughs that will change peoples lives and affect how the world works.
Some examples:-Mobile phones
- Going to space
-3D printers
- car
Disruptive technology is something unique that has never been seen before and is a staggering feet of engineering and new technology.The technology has to have a massive impact on peoples lives.
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