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Prezi for c2


Elysia Chua

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi for c2

Secondary Level Member:
Chong Yung Yung
Elysia Chua
Loren Pang KML 6083 Development of Technology-Based Learning Environment Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: Presentation
tools IDEAS Sharing Connecting Organize In teaching and learning:
Teachers could present their lessons visually and engage students to participate in the conversation. see understand remember ideas enabling
people to - Enable 3D image
- Online/offline
- Non-static/ zoom-able canvas
- Promote collaborative learning
- Used in computer, ipad & iphone (mobility)
- Effective and creative ideas presentation
- support variety Multimedia:
import power-point, video, link, images,
- Easier add text box. - Collaborate in real time with up to 10
others (two-way dialogue)

- Enable students to view learning contain
whether in the classroom or at home

- Brainstorm and create presentation on one
shared virtual whiteboard (Wheel
Reinvention) Brainstorming Create Ideas Develop 1. ‘Wow’ effect
2. ‘Canvas’ layout avoid too much text
3. Easy to incorporate images, sounds
and videos into one presentation.
4. Wheel Reinvention
5. Engaging look
6. Easy to use. Primary Level - Helps students in linking the information

- Giving bigger pictures to support understanding

- Help in building connection of ideas Tertiary Level - View learning content remotely

- Asynchrony learning
(Asynchrony - the relation that exists when
things occur at unrelated times)

- Active learning

- Interactivity PREZI when Ideas Matter Web 2.0 TOOL: PREZI What is ? PREZI Understanding PREZI for dummies PREZI's features YOUR BENEFITS POTENTIAL USAGE IN TEACHING AND LEARNING MAIN CONCEPT type........
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