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Taking a Trip into Mitosis

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on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Taking a Trip into Mitosis

This is become "attached" to the land like the chromosomes are to the spindle. Plus, you are at a different location. You are fully there and in the process of enjoying your trip. Chromosomes lining up is like how you "line up" your schedule and your day. You have to be in order so you can enjoy your trip. The key point is that Metaphase is the most important part of the cell cycle.
Anaphase is going home. Like the chromosomes, you separate from the place you are traveling and towards home. The spindles that pull the chromosomes is like the plane that takes you home.
Unpacking your bags is like the telophase. Seeing as this phase is known as the "clean up phase". This is how you put all your clothes away and clean up after your trip.
Taking a trip into mitosis
In order to prepare for your trip, you must save up your money, by "growing" your bank account, and then call the travel agency to get ready for yo fault and collect the information.
As soon as you know where you are going, you must plan your trip. You take this time to collect and find information. Not all the information is the same (ex. some websites will recommend different locations than others), but for the most part it is composed of "copied" information. You get everything you need from G1 and use that to compile everything.
Packing your bags means "doubling" your size. Now you must bring all your carry on luggage. Your suitcase rapidly doubles in size from all your clothes. Usually you bring doubles of everything, like how the nucleus doubles. This has to be done right to get prepared for your trip, like mitosis.
Before you travel, you have to be able to get there. The airplane will get you to where you need to go and prepares you for your vacation. As the airport fades from view, like the nucleolus, your destination appears in view, like the chromosomes.
Why is it the most important?
It is the most important part of mitosis for many reasons. A large part would be it is where the most things can go wrong. Issues with the hotel, travel, or self will ruin a trip. Along with this, if your schedule is not in order, you will not be able to enjoy everything you want to do efficiently, like how chromosomes have to be perfectly aligned to split correctly, or else mutation will occur.
Posting all of your pictures online is the cytokinesis. This is a separate process because posting your trip has nothing to do with the actual process of the trip. Because of this, it can even occur as early as Anaphase. You are also moving your pictures from your phone/computer/etc. to your social media. It builds a wall to separate two because you usally put your pictures in a separate album. Posting your trip restarts the process because people see what you post and decide to travel there, or someplace else, as well.
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