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12 Leadership Hacks To Build Great Teams

Learn how to systematically get better as a leader

Oren Ellenbogen

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of 12 Leadership Hacks To Build Great Teams

"People don’t leave companies, they leave their managers" 12 Leadership Hacks To Build Great Teams Great leaders do it for
one reason only 1. Write things down 2. Show that you care Make it your job to know your people better, understand what drives them and show them that you've noticed. 3. Educate yourself about the things they like Books, blogs, lectures. Oren Ellenbogen 4. Develop your proactive voice "Pull" < "Push" who am I? Oren Ellenbogen Engineer @ Commerce Sciences
ex. Delver (Sears) – Director of Engineering Lnbogen.com
SoftwareLeadWeekly.com The Agile / Lean
Crusade 2.0 When Pressure Beats
The Crap Out Of Leadership ... Food for thought Meet the tech leader He’s smart, ridiculously smart

Bob (the CEO):“What about Chris?
He’s amazingly talented!
I guess he can handle it…” The company adjusts… New team = our smart dude +2 teammates

magic! A leader in trouble ? “I match my shoes to my pen”“I love reading hex”“I shave per new version of Ubuntu”

“I guess I can tell others what to do...” Meet the “passionate” leader “Let’s do Scrum!”
[process kicks in, time passes]

Ozzi (a developer): “why do we need a daily standup meeting? Shouldn’t a weekly status suffice?” A leader in trouble “Let’s do it!” is a great attitude!

But people forget reasoning fast.
Why should we do it? why now? why ever? ? Meet the “experienced” leader Working for 6 years as senior dev. Knows all the secret God classes,all the magical Javascript quirks.

“I am technical enough and
experienced enough to lead a team.
I’m doing it for a long time now.

I deserve it!” A leader in trouble ? Does he know what leading means?
Does he care enough to make others shine? Organization IQ: f(pressure) Reality check:
Organizations change -> Pressure adds up.
Lean/agile processes push things even faster! Agenda Why leadership (usually) suck?
How to systematically get better as a leader frameworks, hacks, tips and lessons learned IQ drops:
We adapt poorly -> Neglecting proper guidance. "We'll have more time next month..." -- Dangerously wrong employee "Code-review" your leadership skills: 5. Use productivity questions to drive code or design reviews You're probably building the wrong stuff.
Optimize for (business) learning. 11. Avoid the local maxima There is no way to get radically better other than pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 8. Lead by example "2 days?! it should take 2 hours!" 6. Be extra careful with cynicism Every cynical joke costs, are you willing to pay?
Decide where do you cross the line 7. Send your teammates to events and encourage them to share Read: Your startup is a rocket ship http://joel.is/post/26269175818/your-startup-is-a-rocket-ship Read about companies and individuals that drive you crazy with passion and admiration. Thank You Lnbogen.com
SoftwareLeadWeekly.com don't be only a performance junky Welcome! To a level where you can:
Conduct an intelligent conversation
Provide feedback
Help with prioritization Be awesome! Will save you:
Constant double-checks
Mental energy "I'm on it (EOM)" emails How easy will it be add new features?
How easy will it be to change existing features?
How easy will it be for a new teammate to become productive? Suggested model (state of mind): Afraid of being perceived as "uncool"?
I call "Bullshit!" on that. 2013 . Leadership is about setting the tone! 9. Do not try to fix everyone "He's young and a bit arrogant, but so incredibly smart! No one seems to enjoy working with him but I know that I can fix it". 10. Celebrate just as hard as you work Work done Different unit of productivity Teach how to break things apart.
Use peer-pressure to demonstrate speed. Set Interfaces Task A
Task B
Task C Task A
Task B
Task C Integration .... .... Find some relevant events and user groups for them.
Encourage them to give a lecture, help them to prepare.
Help them earn their reputation Then Now Do not invest yourself and your team in people that don't want to learn and improve. It's a 2 sides commitment! More work to get done! Avoid the classic trap: Including your "gut feeling" estimation Use range (e.g. 1-3 days).
For quick product prioritization.
To build trust with your peers. 12. Delegate with clear expectations When delegating: provide 1-pager "how to" Mentor your future leaders
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