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Principles of Entrepreneurship

No description

Michael Lockhart

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Principles of Entrepreneurship

Principles of Entrepreneurship
Third Nine Weeks
Fourth Nine Weeks
First Nine Weeks
Day 5: August 23, 2013
EQ: Compare and contrast two things learned this week in class that you hadn't known before? Explain how it CAN PREPARE you for the workplace?
A: Two things I have learned this week are how to create and use a Prezi. What proper clothing to wear in a business. These can better prepare me for the workplace by helping me organize data and dress appropriate in the workplace.
Day 3: August 21, 2013
EQ: Name three important facts for the PowerPoint on school policies and procedures and explain why you agree and/or disagree.
A: I disagree with the fact of no using cell phones at lunch or any time throughout the day because if someone needed to make an emergency call home they wouldn't be able to. I do agree with the policy of no pants hanging below the waist because it is inappropriate dress attire for school.
Day 4: August 22, 2013
EQ: How important is a "business mind" before dressing the physical body? Explain.
A: A business mind is important because you must be mentally prepared before you attempt doing anything. It is necessary to dress the mind before dressing the physical body because if you're just physically prepared then you won't be ready to accomplish tasks and complete goals.
Day 1: August 19, 2013
EQ: Tell me in details why are you taking this class?
A: I am taking this class to learn more about the business world and of the principles of entrepreneurship.
Grade: 4
Day 2: August 20, 2013
Grade: 4
EQ: Today is your second day of Orientation, you have just been hired by a great company to show case your expertise in helping lead the company to higher heights. You will be compensated a six figure income! Explain what skills you are bringing to the table and why you are confident you will make a positive difference in the company?
A: I will be bringing a good educational background. Also, I will be bringing good work ethic and a determined goal to finish the job.
Grade: 4
Grade: 4
Michael Lockhart
Gatekeeper/Question Commander/Materials Person
Period #2

Day 6: August 26, 2013
EQ: Why are emergency procedures put in place and what could happen if they were neglected?
A: Emergency procedures are put in place to help keep students safe and if they are neglected then students could become harmed or injured.

Grade: 4
Day 7: August 27, 2013
EQ: Name one historical entrepreneur and describe what he or she did.
A: One historical entrepreneur is Bill Gates. He built a multibillion-dollar colossus from a two-man operation.

Grade: 4
Day 8: August 28, 2013
EQ: In the absence of your leader were you uncomfortable? Explain and give details of your perspective.
A: In the absence of my leader I was not uncomfortable because I still received assistance from my peers and the substitute. I would have been uncomfortable if I had not received instruction for the day.

Grade: 4
Day 10: August 30, 2013
EQ: What lessons/skills were acquired this week that broadened you knowledge of becoming a successful Entrepreneur?
A: I acquired skills that will help me better organize myself and be creative when personalizing my workspace.

Grade: 4
Day 11: September 3, 2013
EQ: How are entrepreneurs different from employees? Explain with details.
A: Entrepreneurs are different from employees because entrepreneurs take risks and run a business while employees work for the entrepreneurs.

Grade: 4
Day 12: September 4, 2013
EQ: What are the rewards and risks of having your own business?
A: The rewards of having your own business are that you can make a large sum of money and you don't have to answer to anyone. The risks are that you could lose money on products that don't make that much profit and you can lose your whole business due to a bad economy.

Grade: 4
Day 14: September 6, 2013
EQ: Why shouldn't discontinuances be counted as business failure?
A: Because the business can get rid of a bad product and replace it with a better product.

Grade: 4
Day 13: September 5, 2013
EQ: What are some examples of elastic and inelastic goods and how do they differ?
A: Elastic goods include products that people consume more and more of, such as: furniture, motor vehicles, and transportation services. Inelastic goods include products that, no matter how prices change, are consumed at regular amounts.

Grade: 4
Day 15: September 9, 2013
EQ: Leadership is the power to provoke the rights in other people. Explain exactly what this means and how can this come about?
A: It means that leadership is the power to stimulate people to do the right thing. This can come about by speaking with authority and confidence.

Grade: 4
Day 16: September 10, 2013
EQ: Does success in anything come easy or do you have to work for it? Explain, give an example.
A: You have to work for it. In order to become a successful entrepreneur you have to work hard to earn enough money to start your business and if you want the job that helps you accomplish this then you must work hard to receive an education.

Grade: 4
Hook Question: The commercial "I want to be like MIKE" would have you believe you can. Will I become like Mike just by viewing the commercial a million times? Why/why not?
A: No the seeing the commercial a million times won't make you like Mike it's the product being advertised that the producers of the commercial has you to believe that will make you like Mike.
Day 17: September 11, 2013
EQ: How is entrepreneurship today different from entrepreneurship during colonial times?
A: Entrepreneurship today is more complex and involves higher risks than it did back in the colonial times.

Day 18: September 12, 2013
EQ: What impact do you think entrepreneurs have on the economy and current business climate? Is it positive or negative? Explain.
A: Entrepreneurs provide products for consumer purchase. This puts more money into the economy which makes entrepreneurs have a positive impact.

Grade: 4
Day 20: September 16, 2013
EQ: Ellen Greenberg loves to make and fly kites. Ellen is planning to open a shop selling custom-made kites. She asks for your advice to help her set financial goals. Ellen estimates that after expenses, she can make a $15 profit on each kite she sells. If her annual income goal is $15,450, how many kites will she have to sell? Is this goal realistic? Why/why not? Explain.
A: 1, 030 kites; Yes her goal is realistic because she would only have to make three customized kites of good quality a day.

Grade: 4
1. Why do you think a bank or other potential investors are concerned about how a business plan is written?
A: To make sure they make money off the potential business.
2. List all of the ways math can be used in a business?
A: To calculate the finances of the business and to keep track of the number of products produced, sold, and in stock.
3. How would you go about making an important decision?
A: By determining the possible benefits and possible downsides that come from making that decision.
Day 19: September 13, 2013
EQ: Take one of the letters from the Word "PRIDE" (listed on your desk row) and explain how this word has helped you become a better student/friend/person.
A: Prepared:
Being prepared has allowed me to successfully pass classes and helped me achieve more during the day.

Grade: 4
Day 21: September 17, 2013
EQ: When there are many choices in the marketplace, why do customers demand more from businesses? Give an example.
A: Because customers prefer certain products such as iPods and certain brands of clothing, they demand more from businesses.

Day 22: September 18, 2013
EQ: What are the components of a new venture organization? Explain the importance of each.
A: The new company organization is the shell that envelops all products, processes, and services that are a part of the new company. Through the new organization of the company, the employer is able to create value for themselves, for employees, customers and the economy in general.

Day 24: September 20, 2013
EQ: How have environmental factors affected a small business in you community?
A: Environmental factors affected small business communities by forcing those businesses to close because other businesses with better products took away their customers.

Hook: In the city of Brooksville, 187 new businesses opened in 1995. By 1996, 15 percent of businesses were no longer in operation. How many were open in 1996?
A: 158
One year later, another 12 percent were considered discontinued. How many businesses were still open in 1997?
A: 139
Day 25: September 23, 2013
EQ: A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true. Define "dupe" and explain what this quote means.
A: Dupe means a victim of deception and the quote means that a man usually tricks himself into believing what he wants to be the truth even when it's not the actual truth.

Grade: 4
Day 26: September 24, 2013
EQ: Create an "EQ" and a complete sentence using your TEAM acronym LETTER FOUND in "PRIDE." Be sure it relates to this week's lesson.
Question: How did being prepared help you on our vocabulary activity we did yesterday?
A: Being prepared allowed my group to quickly organize and match the right words with the right definitions.

Day 27: September 25, 2013
EQ: What do you consider to be the greatest risk of starting your own business? Why? Explain.
A: Whether or not you have a good product because if you're not selling a good product then your business could fail.

Day 28: September 26, 2013
EQ: Why is it important to use a customer's name when you meet? Explain. And how do you calculate an average?
A: It is important to use a customer's name when you meet because it helps you establish a friendly business relationship. Establishing relationships helps businesses earn more money and become successful. When you calculate an average you should add up all the numbers then divide by how many numbers you have.

Second Nine Weeks
Day 29: September 30, 2013
EQ: How can becoming certified in Photoshop, Flash, Media Communication, etc. better prepare you for the workforce? Explain.
A: Becoming certified in Photoshop, flash, and media communication better prepares me for the workforce because it helps me become familiar with the possible software used by a future employer..

Day 31: October 1, 2013
EQ: Must the six steps in the problem-solving odel be performed in the order described? Why or why not?
A: The six steps should be done in order because you can't choose a best solution without identifying them first.

Six steps in the problem-solving odel:
1.) Define the problem
2.)Analyze the problem
3.) Identify as many solutions as possible.
4.) Choose the best solution
5.)Implement the solution
6.) Reflect
Day 32: October 2, 2013
EQ: Explain how each of the following foundational skills: math, communications, and decision making, can help you be successful entrepreneur. Explain each skill separately.
A: -Math allows you to manage expenses and keep your business running smoothly
-Communications help you spread your business and keep employees along with customers happy.
-Decision Making helps you expand your business.

Day 33: October 4, 2013
EQ: Why is attendance important?
A: Attendance is important because if you are late then you will be deducted pay for your tardiness and if you do not show up then you could lose an important event such as a business deal.

Day 34: October 7, 2013
EQ: How important is it to "THINK" - "PLAN" & "DREAM"? Explain and use examples.
A: It is important to think, plan, and dream because those three things help you create, and maintain your business.
Thinking allows you to come up with an idea for your business.
Planning allows you to make your business possible.
Dreaming allows you to come up with future goals for your business.

Signposts: Day #35 October 7, 2013

"Contrasts and Contradictions"
-Anchor Question
: When a character does something that contracts with what you'd expect or contradicts his earlier acts or statements, STOP and ask, "Why is the character doing that?
"Aha Moment"
-Anchor Question:
When a character realizes, understands, or finally figures out something, STOP and ask yourself, "How might this change things?"
"Tough Questions"
-Anchor Question:
When a character asks herself a difficult question, STOP and ask yourself, "What does the question make me wonder about?"
"Words of the Wiser"
-Anchor Question:
When a character (probably older and wiser) takes the main character aside and offers serious advice, STOP and ask, "What's the life lesson and how might it affect the character?"
"Again and Again"
-Anchor Question:
When you notice a word, phrase, or situation mentioned over and over STOP and ask yourself, "Why does this keep happening again and again?"
"Memory Moment"
-Anchor Question:
When the author interrupts the action to tell you about a memory, STOP and ask yourself, " Why might this memory be important?"
Day 36: October 8, 2013
EQ: What are some ways to exercise your creativity and apply it to your new business? Explain and use examples.
A: Ways to exercise my creativity and apply it to my business would be creating custom flyers and adds that promote my business. The flyers could be unique and include personalized touches.

Day 39: October 14, 2013
EQ: How does a market economy differ from a command economy? Explain.
A: A market economy allows individuals to decide who goods and services are produced for. A command economy is controlled by the government.

Day 40: October 15, 2013
EQ: Look in your community for a need that is not being met. List at least three services and products related to this need that offer a business opportunity and explain why it is a "need."
A: In my community there is a need for a place children can go and play and be safe. The service and products related to this need include: a safe place for children to play, fun and entertainment for all ages, and a place parents can take their children. A possible business opportunity would be a park or some sort of entertainment center for children.

Day 41: October 16, 2013
EQ: Think of an item you purchase often. If the price is similar at several stores, do you always buy at the same store? Why or why not?
A: No, it depends on the other items I wish to purchase. If I wanted to buy other items I would choose a different store. Basically, I would choose the most convenient store if prices were the same.

Vocabulary Ch. 3:
1. Monopoly- is when a company controls all of a market.
2. Supply- is how much of a good or service a producer is wiling ot produce at a different prices.
3. Demand- is an individual's need for a product or service at a given time.
4. Equilibrium price and quantity- the point at which the supply and demand curves meet.
Day 42: October 17, 2013
EQ: Given $200.00, what type of outfit would you purchase to wear on an interview? Explain why.
A: A pair of black dress pants, a tie, a dress shirt, shoes, and socks. If there was enough money left I would buy a black jacket. I would wear all this for the interview because a professional look will help me land the job.

Presentation Notes:
Interview preparation tips:
Brush up on the company.
How long have they been in business?
What is their corporate mission statement?
Who are their current employees?
Visit their website, and if possible, their physical location.
Learn about recent company news and events.
Research their financial.
Prepare or update your resume:
Include most current work history, social activities, organizations, areas of interest.
Make a list of questions that reflects your knowledge and interest:
Can you describe the position in detail?
Can you tell me about growth opportunities?
How would you describe the leadership style in the company?
Making a positive first Impression:
The value of making a positive first impression
Eye contact/handshake
Taking notes/prepared questions
Appropriate attire shows you are serious about the interview process and understand the nature of your selected industry. Dress relative to the company's business profile.
In some industries, your attire will be judged more critically, especially where customer contact and image presented to the customer matters.
Your attire should be noticed as appropriate and well-fitting, but you want the interviewer's main attention focused on you--not your outfit.
It is better to be overdressed for an interview.
For interview suits, go classic
Fashion trends may change the width of lapels, the cut of pants, and the colors of blouses.
Furnishings for men:
Charcoal or Navy Blues suit. Black should not be worn since it is the most formal.
Day 43: October 21, 2013
EQ: What is a monopoly? Explain and give examples.
A: The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a community or service. An example would be a school that doesn't allow students to bring in outside food. The school instead wants the students to buy their food.

Day 44: October 22, 2013
EQ: if you were going into business for yourself, would it be important that you enjoy what you were doing? Why or why not?

Day 45: October 23, 2013
EQ: Explain the concept of opportunity cost.
A: Giving up something in order to complete or achieve something else.

Day 46: October 24, 2013
EQ: Why is redistribution of income a benefit to society? And do you agree that income should be redistributed? Why or why not?
A: It helps the economy and allows businesses to flourish. Yes, because it helps keep businesses running.

Day 47: October 25, 2013
EQ: You are planning to start a business as a street vendor selling hot dogs. What government regulations will be imposed on your business? How will each of these regulations affect your business?
A: A government regulation imposed on my business would be taxes. This regulation would affect my business by causing me to make less income for each hotdog. Another regulation would be a vendor's license and this would affect my business by causing me to spend more money.

Day 48: October 28, 2013
EQ: What are demographics and how do they affect your business? Explain, give example.
A: Demographics are characteristics of a population such as age, gender, race, etc.

Day 49: October 29, 2013
Road Map:
Photoshop Interface:
Chapter 1: Getting to know the Work Area
Starting to work in Adobe Photoshop
Using the tools
Using the Options Bar and other panels
Customizing the workspace
Tool panel overview
Adobe Bridge
Chapter 1: Getting to know the Work area
Opening a file with Adobe Bridge
Camera Raw
Chapter 5: Connecting and Enhancing Digital Photographs
Chapter 3: Working with Selections
Layers and Masks
Chapter 4: Layer Basics
Chapter 9: Advanced Layering
Adding an adjustment layer
Composite Images
Chapter 4: Layer Basics
Chapter 10: Advanced Compositing
Retouch and Sharpen
Chapter 2: Basic Photo Connections
Chapter 5: Connecting and Enhancing Digital Photographs
Chapter 7: Typographic Design
Creative Techniques
Chapter 6: Masks and Channels
Paint and Gradients
Chapter 4: Layer Basics
Chapter 11: Painting with the Mixer Brush
Chapter 13: Preparing Files for the Web
Chapter 14: Producing and Printing Consistent Color

Day 50: October 30, 2013
Hook Question: An entrepreneur who has been in business for two years borrowed $50,000 for five years at 8.5 percent when she started the business. She would like to reduce her fixed costs and is considering refinancing the loan. She can get a three-year $50,000 loan for 7 percent that will cost $5,500 in finance fees. Should she refinance the loan? Why or why not? Use facts to support your answer.
A: No because she would end up paying more compared to not refinancing.

EQ: Opportunity cost measures the advantages of choosing one investment over another. Do you agree or disagree? Explain with details.
A: I agree because when someone is making a decision in business then they must evaluate the advantages and possible disadvantages of that decision.

Day 53: November 3, 2013
Hook Question:
A: My option is to discuss to my employer the reasons of my absence and if my employer finds the reasons acceptable and can base his decision off of my past work history then he would probably show amnesty towards me.
EQ: Compare and Contrast amnesty and hostility and critique your findings. Explain.
A: Animosity is acting with great hostility and amnesty is pardoning a class or group.
Day 54: November 5, 2013
Hook Question:
A: This global idea came about by years of working with other businesses to expand their business around the world.
EQ: What impact has this strategic partnership on the rest of the printing industry? Explain.
A: It drove down the price for printing and created a cheap way for printing items.
Day 55: November 6, 2013
Hook Question: What trends do you see and why are they trends?
A: The trends I see would be in types of clothing such as ripped jeans, types of food such as Monster, and types of products such as iPhones. These are trends because people today are constantly purchasing indulgence goods and buying products that appear "cool."
EQ: Explain the trends and how they will affect business in the United States and the world. Be sure to include: 1.) Examples of Businesses that might develop as a result of the specific trend. 2.) Predictions of future trends and how they create new businesses.
A: iPhones are a trend that will affect the world. Businesses that might develop from this would be service providers that allow those phones to communicate and businesses that create specially designed cases for those phones. Future trends of this type can include a watch that allows telecommunication amongst people.
Day 56: November 7, 2013
Hook Question: Why is it that Ash Technologies serves as a good example for you today of benefiting from a job?
A: Ash Technologies serves as a good example for me today in benefiting from a job because Ash Technologies has created an entirely new business form the same one they used to work for. They benefited from their last job which made it possible for their current business to become a success.
EQ: How might you benefit from this example?
A: I would use the experience I learned from my last job and apply it into my current job.
Day 57: November 8, 2013
Hook Question: Do you agree? Why or why not?
A: I don't agree that all of the good ideas are taken because even if you don't create a new type of business you can apply your own ideas that could be used to better that business.
EQ: Explain some ways to exercise your creativity and apply it to your new business.
A: By applying your own personal style to flyers and other business advertisement. Brainstorming with employees for new ways to innovate.
Day 58: November 12, 2013
Hook Question: How many Music Apps will Store West have to sell in a day at $14.95 in order to surpass Store East's revenue by $99.00? Explain.
A: 50
EQ: Have you ever wanted something, had the money to buy it, but couldn't find the item? Why couldn't you find it? and What would you do?
A: Yes, I couldn't find it because the store at which I wished to purchase the item was sold out of it and I went online to buy the item instead.
Day 59: November 13, 2013
Hook Question: NASA is the sole purchaser of many items form the aerospace industry. Many of their employees work in teams to complete projects and deadlines. Every member of the team is accountable for a certain task. If NASA recognizes that there's a weak link on one of their teams, how should they remedy this issue, seeing that team works is vital to the company's success? And, what is it exactly that NASA produces?
A: They should remedy this issue by working with the team in completing its project on time. NASA produces technology to better mankind and further advance space exploration.
EQ: Give three examples of public goods and explain why the government might want to provide them.
A: Medicare, so elderly can have assistance in purchasing medicine.
Medicaid, so people of low class can afford medical assistance.
NASA is even considered a public good . The government provides this public goods so people can receive knowledge so the people can work to give money back to the government through taxes.
Day 60: November 14, 2013
Hook Question: Use the Internet and any other tools to find a business that has a monopoly in a particular market area, as AMTRAK does. Write a few complete sentences about the company, the product.
A: Google is a virtual monopoly. They participate in the search market.
EQ: Does the company have a patent on the product and when was the product introduced to the market? Explain.
A: Yes Google does have a patent, and the product their product is a search provider. Their product was introduced in 1997.
Day 61: November 15, 2013
Hook Question:
A: No I will not accept their offer because it's a family business and family problems could affect my pay. If the family business fails then I won't have a job.
EQ: Advantages of family business are that all employees know are another and can do well when working as a team. Disadvantages are that family problems could result in low pay for a certain family member or a person with poor work experience and ethic could be appointed a high role in the business.
Day 62: November 18, 2013
EQ: The steps you should take when purchasing a business are determining whether the business would do good in the economy.
Hook Question: You would address the issue of wasted product and the effect it has on your business. You would address the issues of cost and the amount of material being used to make each product.
Day 64: November 20, 2013
Hook Question: You have a successful business selling sporting goods in the United States. Your partner has just approached you with a new idea for your business. His uncle in Mexico City would like to import your products to supplement the stock in his store, where he sells soccer gear. This could be a great opportunity for your business to expand, but neither of you knows anything about exporting. What will you Do? Explain with facts.
A: Research information on the internet about exporting and figure out if it would be a good idea to expand there.
EQ: How will you learn more about exporting?
A: By continuing research on exporting through business magazines and other sources.
Day 65: November 21, 2013
EQ: you and two members of your team complete the following. Follow each step closely.
3-2-1 (each of you pick a number 1-2-or 3)
3.)Buying an existing business, Franchise, Owning a franchise.
2.)Buying an existing business, Owning a franchise.
1.)Owning a Franchise.
Group Assignment:
Create a skit about how to become a successful international businessperson.
Include the following:
-The cultural differences between the United States and Latin America
-Ways you can show respect and understanding for their culture.
-Tips on becoming internationally savvy.

Day 70: December 3, 2013
Hook Question: This is true because it lets their businesses be known over large areas rather than just locally. The business is expanded by being spread out and found everywhere.
EQ: Are there advantages to exporting a product or products to other countries from your made in the USA business? Why? Or why not?
A: Yes there are advantages because those other countries could pay good money for quality service.
Day 71: December 4, 2013
Hook Question: The GDP for 2011 was $7,818,000,000 and for 2012 it was $8,254,000,000. What was the percentage increase form 2011 and 2012? Explain how you compute!
EQ: Why should you understand the culture of people with whom you do business? Why? Or why not? Explain.
So you can understand how they live and their needs.
Day 73: December 6, 2013
Hook Question: Many businesses have exported and are continuing to export their goods to other countries. An example of this would be the Coca Cola company because they export their product as a luxury good in China. Give an example of another company exporting their goods to China and tell why you believe they did this?
A: Another example of a company exporting goods into China would be the Avon cosmetics company because they work with Guangzhou Cosmetics to bring supplies directly to Chinese women. They did this because they believe the Chinese market is a good place to do business since it is always growing.
EQ: Give the definition of exporting and list at least three businesses that export to other countries.
A: Exporting is the selling and shipping of goods or products to another country. Examples are: Coca Cola, Avon, and Microsoft.
Day 74: December 9, 2013
Hook Question:
Export management company: Is its own private firm
Freight Company: Works together with firms.
Joint Ventures: Helps firms develop assets.
All pertain to management of shipping goods.
EQ: North Eastern United States because there are higher populations.
Day 79: December 17, 2013
Hook question: "The GDP for 2011 was $7818000000 and for 2012 it was $8254000000. What was the percentage increase from 2011 to 2012? Explain how you compute!"
A: My answer hasn't changed but it has become easier for me to compute this problem and show how I did it.
EQ: Principles of Entrepreneurship is?
A: A class that will help prepare me for the business world.
Day 80: December 18, 2013
Hook Question: There are three forms of ownership for business. List two real companies that fit into each category. Why do you think these businesses were set up in these forms?
A:Sole proprietorship-Car wash, plumber

EQ: Why do owners sole proprietorship face more risks than owners of partnerships or corporations? Explain.
Day 83: January 7, 2014
Day 84: January 8, 2014
Hook Question: Follow the accountant's advice because they have more experience in the business field.
EQ: You can be sure by looking up research on how to run that business, and seek advice for how to make a business plan and run that type of business.
Day 87: January 13, 2014
Hook Question:
I plan to create a business that provides building materials for everyday people. I will provide materials such as construction and building products, and the tools required to complete the job required.
The quality of a business plan is critical to an entrepreneur's success because it sets the basis on what he or she plans to achieve. If the plan is flawed then the business could possibly fail.
Day 89: Jan 15, 2014
Hook Question: Office Technology Assistance-
1.)Office Supplies: computers, laptops, personal organizers, etc.
2.)The customer will most likely be teachers or business owners as well as home office workers.
3.)We are providing benefits that help others maintain and/or further the success of their business.
4.)We will get the product to our customers through retail sales.
Day 90: January 16, 2014
Hook Question: Pick an idea you have for a new business. Then develop a business concept by answering the following questions: (1) What is the product or service being offered? (2) Who is the customer? (3) What is the benefit you are providing? (4) How will you get the product or service to the customer?
A: Plumbing assistance; The customer is average people; The benefit I am providing is that people will be able to use their sinks and showers without problems or issues; I will get the service to my customers by purchasing a vehicle capable of carrying the required tools to successfully complete a required task by the customer.
EQ: List and explain the four components of an effective business concept.

Day 95: January 24, 2014
Hook Question: Lind Hong founded Elite Advertising in 1993, focusing on improving brand recognition of foreign products by Chinese consumers. Hong's "brand philosophy" style of advertising helps her clients build up leading brands in her country's fast-growing market. "A brand w/o philosophy is like a man w/o soul," says Hong. Hong works closely with her clients to develop print, broadcast, and in-store promotions. Elite's clients include Kodak, Ray-Ban, and Hewlett Packard. Hong founded what type of business?
A. Sole Proprietorship.
EQ: Why might a foreign client wishing to expand in China contact Elite Advertising rather than an advertising agency from their local country?
A. Because Elite Advertising knows more about expanding because they themselves have expanded to other countries.
Day 96: January 27, 2014
Hook Question: Belinda has an idea for a store selling spirit items and novelty gifts on her school campus. The athletic department, which already operates one store selling school supplies and snacks, opposed her idea. She conducted a feasibility analysis and found that there is enough demand for the second store. Should Belinda continue to pursue her idea? Why? Or why not?
-Yes because after performing the feasibility analysis she found that her store was needed.
EQ:If she continues, how could she ensure success? And if she does not continue, what could she do instead?
-She can ensure success by personalizing her store, and improve the business; if she does not continue then she should think of other ways to sell her spirit items.
Day 102: February 3, 2014
Hook: Write a concept statement for coffee kiosk you plan to open in a large downtown office complex. What are the 5 W's found in your concept statement? Turn -share w/partner.
A: What types of coffee will you sell?
Where will you sell the coffee?

EQ: How will you research the industry to determine whether your coffee kiosk idea is unique enough to pursue as a business?
Day 107: February 10, 2014
Hook: The average number of target customers per location is 26.
Divide the amount of total target customers by the amount of different locations to find how many target customers per location..
EQ: How will you research the industry to determine whether your coffee kiosk idea is unique enough to pursue as a business?
Research other businesses that have done your idea before and see if it became a success for them and if it did, research how they did it and work your idea off of theirs.
Day 116: February 24, 2014
Hook: In the business world there are many different classified jobs available. On an entry level position what attire would you advise someone in there 20's, 30's & 40's to wear on the first interview and why? Describe the outfit you would wear and explain why it is the right look for the interview.
Fashionable dress attire. More colorful but still professional.
EQ: Entry, Mid-management, Corporate.
Day 132: March 27, 2014
Hook: Sally is learning how to use Photoshop and needs to know how to properly perform adjustments to photos. What do you recommend will be the most effective way for her to learn this?

EQ: How are adjustments used to help promote business?
Day 135: April 1, 2014
Hook: Herman Scriven wants to edit a picture but he only wants to edit one part of it. How must he do this?
By using selections to select the part of the image he wants to edit and then adding the edits to that selection.
EQ: Why is being certified in Photoshop important?
Being certified in Photoshop helps you land jobs and also better prepares you for creating your own business.
Day 147: April 17, 2014
EQ: List one thing you've learned this quarter.
How to manipulate portraits to remove blemishes and unwanted features.
Prezi: Then & Now
When I first began this course I believed Prezi to be somewhat unnecessary. I found each task assigned pointless and boring. My point of view of Prezi was that its main purpose was to annoy the students who use it. But as the year went by I began to understand that Prezi is not just an annoying internet program, but instead it was a very useful way of organizing and sharing vital information amongst peers and coworkers.
Day 158: May 5, 2014
EQ: What has been your greatest "take-away" from this class and why?
A: The greatest thing I've gained from this class is how to edit and manipulate any photos of my choosing into either professional, and/or comical images.
Day 159: May 6, 2014
EQ: What doors of opportunity will open for you now that you are "Certified?" Explain.
Hook Question: Create a strong Hook Question that relates to the "EQ."
Day 161: May 8, 2014
EQ: Give a few words of wisdom to the teacher.
If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. But obstacles don't have to stop you.
Hook: Johnny is having trouble in math but his wish is to achieve an "A". Even though there are obstacles in his way Johnny still reaches for his goal. What are some tips you would give Johnny to help him achieve his goal?
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