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Tails Doll Lives!!!

No description

Alex Morris

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Tails Doll Lives!!!

Spooky, Right?
Nothing...I Think
Is it Real....?
CaN YoU FeEl ThE SuNShIne?
-Tails Doll
Here's The Tails Doll song!
What happened to these who try the curse?
No, It's Not!

3 Reasons:

1. There's no way, Science or otherwise, That a Video Game character could ever can come to Life.

2. SEGA would stopped the game from selling.

3. If he's real, how come there's no real poof that's he was there?
In other words, The Tails doll is nothing but Hogwash. Besides, if he was, Sonic games would have Stopped selling after Sonic R and SEGA would be out of bizs
Tails doll is said to do a Number of things:
Turn The Person into a Tails Doll
Kill The Person
Give Them Bad Luck
and a Number of other things.

Monday, May 5, 2014
CaN YoU FEel ThE SuNShInE?.......
What do you think of the Tails doll?
Sega’s Sonic has a very creepy story about his Sega Saturn game, Sonic R. A character named Tails Doll, is said to be cursed. How? It’s said that if you play and beat the game, He will come out and kill You. There’s lots of stories about Tails Doll on the web. One of Sonic’s Gamecube games, “Sonic Gems Collection” had Sonic R and the curse was removed. But they say That if you play as Super Sonic, in a tag match, he will break free. “Can You Feel The Sunshine?” From Sonic R, is The Tails Doll Song.
But can a doll really be deadly?
The Tails Doll is a myth, like I said. I know for a fact that there's no way a video game character can somehow come alive. It would somehow have to copy its data off of The disc and use some kind of magic to make it real so it can pop out of the screen. No way do we have that kind of techno know-how. I mean, 3D counts, But We're talking about a walking, talking fox doll that can jump out of a Video game and kill you. Plus, "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" is One of My favorites. So....don't believe everything you see or play on The Web. But if you wanna do the curse...here's the link! Click at your own risk!
Tails Doll Lives!!!....Not!
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