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Olaudah Equiano

No description

Julia Galvin

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Olaudah Equiano

Oladauh Equiano's purpose in writing mostly was to oppose the pro-slavery propaganda. His narratives of slavery did the job of promoting humanity by presenting before people the horrific treatment given to the slaves. These narratives were also influenced by the thoughts of abolitionist orators.
Equiano's reading audience was mostly composed of American and European abolitionists. His immediate purpose was to influence the British political leaders who were debating the slave trade issue in Parliament in the late 1780's. However, Equiano's work was read and discussed by numerous relgious and humanitarian readers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Oladah Equiano's genre is spirtiual autobiography. Equiano adapted the autobiographical form to his invention of the slave narrative. Equiano's narrative follows the three-part structure of spiritual and physical enslavemen, conversion, and escape from slavery, and subsequent rebirth in a life of spiritual and physical freedom.
Olaudah's motivation for creating the narrative, was to really show how horribly slave's were treated. He wanted to provide evidence to those with anti-abolitionist sentiments that the black race have full humanity, with potential Christianity. He wanted to show people his journey from slavery to freedom. He wanted others to know about his life story.
Olaudah Equiano
-Born in 1745, Igboland.
-Died March 31 1797
-other name: Gustavus Vassa
-explorer, writer, merchant,
-was married and had
two children
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