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McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders

No description

Alex Russo

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders

Alex Russo
Literature Anthology
Longer engaging literature
Apply close reading
Different complexity level
Goal of Wonders: to build a good foundation to develop proficiency in reading
To meet this goal...
Phonemic awareness
Phonic lessons
Help develop fluency
Reading built in stories
Spelling lists
First and only reading program designed specifically for the common core standards for reading and language arts

Provides support for...
Building a stronger reading program
Accessing complex text
Finding and using text evidence
Engaging in collaborative conversations
Writing to sources

Grade Levels: K-6
The Wonders Pathway
Entire program can be delivered online
Leveled Readers
Each reader responds to the text in paired reading selections
Each grade level has 6 units
Each unit is either assigned the reading writing workshop or the literature anthology
The way the units are broken down within each grade level vary
How The Program Addresses The Common Core Standards
Foundational Skills
Access complex text
Writing and reading conection
What do I have to teach?
Includes short and engaging texts for shared reading
Teaches close reading throughout a series of mini lessons
Each mini lesson follows a 3 step instruction
1. Explain
2. Model close reading
teacher guides students to find evidence
3. Your turn
students work with a partner

Reading Writing Workshop
(Introduce and Teach)
Access Complex Text
Close reading and mini lessons
Application of extended text
Leveled readers with paired selection
Vocabulary build
Writing about text
Writing and Reading Connection
Students use graphic organizers when read to
Reread to respond to questions from the text
Short research projects from readings
Helps form analytical writing
Provides a clear pathway to the common core standards
Students are prepared for the new assessments
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