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Pompeii and Herculaneum: Displaying Human Remains

Pompeii and herculaneum: Displaying Human Remains

Garron Buttress-Grove

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Pompeii and Herculaneum: Displaying Human Remains

Displaying Human Remains & Conservation
Stephen Ellis 2011-2013
New Technology...i Pad
Life & Death in Herculaneum
Bodies in Boat Houses

Child (female; last meal, e.g grape seeds; silver earrings)

Chemical analysis: colour

Sewer: black peppercorn...2 locations...cf.
Mark Robinson

Venidius Ennicus...wooden tablet as evidence

"Yes" argument for preservation of Human Remains

Dollium...size...cf. Estate of Julia Felix...evidence for wine
Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Herculaneum 2011-2013

Herculaneum Conservation Project
Consider how this information will give you more confidence in terms of evidence on:
Preserving Human Remains
Displaying Human Remains
Specific site details (e.g. house / space)
Role of Herculaneum Conservation Project
Pompeii Forum Project
Adding detail to your practice HSC questions
Wall repair

Root systems
Fish Salting Factories
Elizabeth Fentress
Eric Poehler
Mark Robinson
Robyn Veal
Herculaneum Papyri
Molendinarius July 2012
Villa of the Papyri
Herculaneum Conservation Project




data base

Eastern insula

House of Telephus Relief

House of the Gem

Cellar of Oplontis not Villa!
Mary Beard 2010
54 well-preserves skeletons
Archaeologist: Fabian Kanz
Green bones...metal
1 female burial=10,000 sesterces...10 years pay!
Cellar=2 storey agricultural depot...Villa (100 rooms next door)

Cellar of Oplontis (2)
cf. Naples: stairs to street
Skin infections
Twins (10-12)...teeth disease...syphilis! 22:00
Sewer at Herculaneum
Contents: 33:05-38:52
Speech bubble frescoes...night out with fight
3 Black Africans in cellar...1 x "green" (slave?)!
Small bone of 8.5 months foetus (54:30)!

House of the Baker Pompeii
Animal bones, e.g. mule (51:30)
Next to Dining Room...mill grinders

Mary Beard (2)

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