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L.O To analyse the different types of title sequences used i

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simon wood

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of L.O To analyse the different types of title sequences used i

Create a list of 3-5 things you would expect to see in a title sequence.
The name of the film
An understanding of the tone/atmosphere of the film
Narrative information
Introduce some/all the characters
A sense of the films genre
Actors names.
Establish the location

The art of the film title
The art of the title sequence
There are 4 different types of title sequence used in Hollywood
The traditional
A very good example for a traditional title sequence is the one of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Although there is a slightly stylised element in form of the grey lines moving through the screen, we have black back ground with white titles in front.
Another good example is the title sequence of The Sixth Sense.
In this type of title sequence, films use sound and font to create the mood of the film.
Straight into the film
A film, that goes straight into the story and doesn't has a extra title sequences.
A very good example of this is the title sequence of Wes Craven's Scream. There are no titles at all and the film starts directly with the action of the opening scene.
This type of title sequence
is far less commonplace and is more likely to be seen in action or horror.
The discrete title sequence

Is like a mini film before the film and helps to get the audience into the mood of the film but not tell you what the film is about. It can give you a idea of the tone and the genre of the movie. A 'discrete' opening sequence also is often animated and includes a lot of editing work.
For example, Se7en or The girl with the dragon tattoo.
L.O To analyse the different types of title sequences used in film.
The stylised opening sequence
A stylised title sequence is a combination of straight into it and discrete. The opening of the film starts straight into the action and then followed by a 'discrete' title sequence. The best and most famous example for that are the James Bond openings. This type of opening is often used in stylish action films such as Casino Royale or Mesrine
Your Task
Complete the handout
by finding at least one example of each type of opening sequence.
Once you have finished this decide which type of opening sequence you would like to make and write an explanation of why it would it best match your thriller.
You should include a brief explanation of how it matches the tone, genre and narrative structure of your film.
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