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Singapore Airlines

No description

Chris Ng

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Singapore Airlines

Industry Competitors
Brand Competitors
Qatar Airways
ALl Nippon Airways

Tiger Airways
Form Competitors
Personal Vehicles
SAVED strategies
Singapore Airlines
Company report
Good Political Ties

Bilateral air agreements of an "Open Skies"
Wide network via code-sharing with Star Alliance
Selling tickets on one another's flights
pestel analysis
Comprises of 6 factors:
Shift towards budget airlines

Number of budget airlines increase
Decrease in number of SIA travellers
Other types of competition such as bullet trains, coach, private car rental

Oil Price Hike

Affected financial status
Forced to mark up price of flight tickets
Demand vs Supply
Demand: 2.412 million bpd
Supply: 2.491 million bpd
Challenges Faced
Technological Advancements

Invest in long-haul products
Strong financial status; ability to buy new aircrafts
Design aircrafts with hi-tech features

Excess Employee Capacity
Strong Competitors
Intense Emergence of Low-cost Competitors
To analyse the macroeconomic environment
Company's Objectives
1. Increase profit margin by 25% within 2 years.
2. Maximize aircraft usage and reduce operational cost.
3. Acquire new strategic partnerships and strengthen existing ones within 5 years.
4. Enhance customer loyalty program.
1. Maintain strong brand image of iconic 'Singapore Girl'.
2. Maintain top service and customer satisfactiion against competitors.
3. Ensuring sustainable growth in airline industry.
4. Achieve top ranking and sustain achievements against competitors.
Laws & Regulations

Compliance to rules, laws and regulations
Confusions & threats concerning compliance
Singapore Tax Law offers low corporate tax rate at 1%
Reduction in carbon footprints

Increase in global warming & noise pollution
Corporate Social Responsibility
Triple bottom-line of sustainability
Using technological advancements to:
- Reduce carbon footprints
- Reduce carbon neutrality
- Carbon offsets
Adopted EMD technology
A must have
Unique products
Excellent services
price wars to kill off competitors
Accurately and timely executed strategies
Able to achieve company's short term objectives by 2019 and long term objectives throughout the years in the industry
Porter's Five Forces
Competitor Analysis
Value Chain

Budget & Implementation
core competencies
Political Factors:
Economic factors:
socio-cultural factors:
technology factors:
environmental factors:
legal factors:
Short Term Objectives
Long Term Objectives
1. firm infrastructure
2. human resource management
Employees are well-trained and provide excellent services to customers
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