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Ming dynasty

No description

Selena Rodriguez

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Ming dynasty

Ming Dynasty
Basic Information
Name: Ming Dynasty
Rise to power
Chinese took advantage of chaos of late Yuan rule to rebel against Mongols

Rebel leader and founder of Ming Dynasty,Hong Wu,named his dynasty brilliant
Governing style
Life during the Ming Dynasty changed after 1433 A.D.
The dynasty sponsored extensive overseas exploration-
They rebiult bridges,canals,roads temples and shrines
During the seventh voyage, 27,500 sailors travelled up and down the East African coast
Explorations ceased in A.D

Years in power: AD 1368-1644
Map of territory:
Our Resources
Rebuilt great wall, roads, bridges, and canals
and they secure the borders,
Uniting china
Despot- A ruler or other person who holds absolute power typically one who exercises it in a cruel way.
Belief systems
secured borders of China to prevent foreign invasion.
rebuilt bridges,canals,roads,temples,and shrines.

Life in China
During the Ming Dynasty, the Chinese experienced a rebirth of Confucian ideals.
Many Chinese combined belief in Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism.
Rebirth of Confucianism, combo of Daoism, Buddhism.
emperors were extremely powerful and often ruled as despot.
-reintroduced the civil-service exam
The ruler also brought stabilty back
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