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Welcome to 3rd Grade

1st Day of School Presentation

Angela Naumann

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to 3rd Grade

Take Home Folders
Let's make this a memorable year!
Welcome to
3rd Grade!

email me:
- a virtual Learning Classroom
Every Tuesday the prior weeks graded work goes home.
Daily Schedule
Mrs. Naumann’s Students
Homeroom Schedule

7:55-8:05 Homeroom time
8:05-8:35 Panther Time
8:35 Switch
8:40-9:10 Math w/Mrs. Myers’
9:10-10:10 Rotations
10:15-11:55 Continue Math with Mrs. Myers
12:00-12:30 Recess
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:05-3:10 English & Reading w/ Mrs. Naumann
3:15 Dismissal
Attention Getter

Class Rules
Let's get to know
each other!
put on label "Take Home Folder"
Inside put on label "left side leave at home"
Inside put on label "right side return right away"
Mrs. Naumann will take up
Purple folder with Brads
Zipper Pencil Pouch
3 pencils
Zippered Binder
Turn in:
copy paper
Manilla Paper
Zippered Binder
Zipper Pouch
1 package of notebook paper
Orange Folder (Homework Folder Label)
Red folder
Label: Reading folder
Green Folder
Label: Science Spiral &

Label: Social Studies

Label and Turn in:
Yellow folder with Brads (Label Word Work)
-2nd zippered pouch goes here.
Yellow folder NO brads (label Writing Portfolio)
Blue Folder (Math Label)
Yellow spiral (Name label)
Blue Spirals (Name labels)
Red Spiral (Name Labels)

Let's talk about desks . . .
Let's Take attendance!
How are you getting home?
What we learn in Mrs. Naumann's Classroom
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