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Dream job

No description

Tayla Brown

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Dream job

Job outlook High School Classes/ Major to pursue My Dream Job When I grow up I want to be a 2nd grade teacher. I want to be a 2nd grade teacher because I want to teach kids. I love working and being around little kids. The work environment has a ton of people in it. Like many students and teachers. There usually are 20-30 kids in a classroom. So you have to be able to multitask by watching everyone while helping a single student. Teachers like to walk in and out of the room maybe to ask something, or just to visit. Its a very open and welcoming environment.
Some tools you need would be picture books, or chapter books depending on the kids level of reading. Many pens, pencils, and white board marker. Because their is a lot of writing involved from writing the homework in the beginning to checking it off at the end. A computer would help for keeping track of grades, and emails for special occasions, work related, or emailing a parent. It takes about 4 years of college to become an elementary school teacher. Also depending on the state you might need an extra license. For example in New York you need 5 years of college education. You also need to have a good understanding of math, science, social studies, language arts, etc. Because you are teaching the kids the basics of what they will need later in life. Also you will need to be social, and not afraid to talk in front of people. If you don't have the social skills you will have a very hard time being a teacher. Because they usually stand in front of about 20-30 students giving a lesson. You also need to be strict, but not too strict or you could come off mean and scary to the younger children. If they are not comfortable with the teacher they might have a harrd time asking questions because they might be too scared. Activities to help with teaching skills I plan to ask the director at Lakeland if one day I could help out with the younger children. It would help because I could get a feel for how they act around new people, and how long it takes for them to adjust. This would also allow me to get used to the idea of me being around younger kids. Also if I start babysitting kids close to a 2nd graders age maybe that would help also Pros *The relationship with the kids

*"Mama" teacher

*Seeing them learn

*working with them

*Watching them grow over the school year The general duty of a 2nd teacher is to teach the kids the basics. Like in math, language arts, and all the other subjects. Its a very important job. They basically get them ready for their lives ahead of them. You have to be able to speak well. Also patience is key in this job. You would have to be able to get a long with kids well, and adults. Because the work environment has a ton of people. My second role model is my coach Carlton. He also inspires me because of how good of a coach he is, and how good of a teacher. He has taught me patience, and so many other things that could help me out when trying to become a teacher. All about me:) Job Description Job Requirements General Duties MY HOBBY
My hobby is tennis. I love to play tennis. I play everyday for about 3-4 hours. Most of my friends are at tennis. At Lakeland (where I play) we have a ton of fun! Lots of parties and celebrations. It is just very fun. Academic
Interests My favorite subject
in school would have to be math. I like math because of all the different problems and equations. I also like how you have to
think about,and using your
brain. Even when its challenging, and hard. My favorite part about math is the algebra. Or when we do problems like (8a+6) + (a+4). I like doing these because I feel like they are easy, but can be challenging. Role Models To Emulate My first role model is my dad. My dad encourages me to keep going, and not give up. He is my inspiration. He always knows what to say at the right time. He is a very hard worker, and does what ever he can to help anyone. My last role model is Mrs. Pawlowski. She is the second grade teacher i went and interviewed, and I personally think she is one of the best second grade teacher ever. She is great with the kids, and has taught me alot about how to work with them. And also how to become a great teacher. General Hours General hours for a teacher differ. It all depends on what school you work at. Over at Horizon you have to be at the school at 7:25-3:00. The teacher I intervived, Mrs.Pawlowski
comes in at 6:00-7:00 because of how much work she has. Cons *Overwhelming

*Never done with work

*Base pay only 30,000 After college I plan to become a 2nd grade teacher. I will
probably will teach until I have enough money to retire. Because I really want to help kids out, and inspire them too be good students and make good choices. development class. I think this will help me plan for the future. I want Some high school classes I am going to try to take is the child to major in education, and learn how to take care/teach the kids properly Conclusion My career goal is to become a 2nd grade teacher. I want to help prepare kids for the future. This career interests me because I really like helping kids, and I love playing teacher with my sister. After college I am going to work really hard to help teach kids the basics they need to know for the rest of their life. Special thanks to Mrs.Pawloski and her 2nd grade class for letting me help and observe the class for a day! Thanks For Watching!!! Work Cited http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_years_of_college_to_be_a_elementary_school_teacher. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081008113317AAFQQFB http://www.tennisleague.com/images/TennisBalls_Women.jpg
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