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Personal Finance

Syllabus for the Personal Finance class at North Star Charter School

Caldwell Winkelman

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Personal Finance

Masters: Educational Technology
Mister Winkelman
Professional Technical Education
Computer Science Courses
Interactive Technology
Video Editing
Graphic Design
Website Development
Business Computers
Taught at Caldwell High School for 9 Years
Personal Finance
Business Technology
My Classroom
Respect: I respect myself and all others.
Success: I will be prepared to succeed everyday and demonstrate a positive attitude.
Responsibility: I will take responsibility for myself and my actions.
Leadership: I will be a leader in the classroom, extracurricular activities, and in the community in which I live.
Celebration: I will celebrate our success and embrace our diversity.
The Husky Pride
Respect others and the equipment
Motivate to do your best work always
Errors happen--learn and move on
Work with others in your Cell Group
When we are better our community is better
PRIDE in the classroom
All assignments are turned in electronically
All assignments, except the final are equally weighted
All assignments can have errors corrected and submitted again for full credit
You will be given a letter grade at the completion of the course
Grading and Assignments
Questions ??
Making Decisions
Making Money
The Art of Budgeting
Living on Your Own
Buying a House
Banking Services
Topics Covered
Credit Cards
Cars and Loans
The Influence of Advertising
Consumer Awareness
Saving and Investing
In Trouble
Contact Information:
Cell & Text: (208) 538-WINK
Mr. Winkelman
My Education:
Salem Academy High School
Seattle Pacific University
West Valley College
Western Oregon University
Oregon State University
Northwest Nazarene University
Nazarene Bible College
Boise State University
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