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Aksum was an empire in Africa at about AD 50.

abbie rabe

on 3 September 2011

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Transcript of Aksum

Location Agriculture Geography Culture Climate History Aksum Located in the in the hills o and mountians of Eritrea and Ethiopea.
Also located in the base of the Adwa mountain in the Tigray region. Aksum was an important trading station. Some worked as architets.
and some builders.Most were farmers
. The main priorities of an Aksumite
was to trade. The aksumites did terrace farming. By the red sea the Blue river and lake Tana First to issue its own coins Aksum conquered Kush in AD 350 Aksum began to decline in the 7th century Aksum became important about AD 50 and reached its greatest powerbetween the 300's and the 600's Aksums climate was hot and humid.It had a perfect climate for growing crops. The Aksums traded slaves,ivory,furs,cotton ,and jewlery. They traded with Greece, Egypt and Asia Aksum is in present dayEritea Sothern arabia.
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