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The Oxtand Gr.11 gang


Meiko Zhao

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of The Oxtand Gr.11 gang

The Oxstand
Gr.11 Gang The Tissue King The Tissue King
MARK Nobody ever brings tissue to school anymore. The COuples
Angel + Wilson The Sleeping God
Felix Sleeping in class = Godd grades ? The Koreans
Hilary + Sunny Sunny always ask me for biology homework.
Hilary is always smiling. The Cool- Jessica Totally a success business woman
when she is talking with angel
about their online business. Winne the Poon Obsessed with clubbing music. Zoe

the one who loves to help. The COuples
Angel + Wilson Cutie Beth and nice lady blanche Mr. Schaeffer
loves the simpsons Mr. Schaeffer
loves the simpsons The emotioanl kid
Kelvin Dude, seriously. What's
so interesting about staring
at the window?
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