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An adventure in learning!

Jeri Hammond

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of IB PYP at DEA

Why IB at DEA?

Welcome to the
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Primary Years Programme (PYP)
Dundee Elementary Academy!

The para-glider comes into view!
Students love learning
from each other.
IB students learn about the world starting with their local community.
Students learned about our community during the Great American Teach-In.
Everyone loves to learn about animals!
Kindergarteners Inquired ...
How does distance from an object affect our perception of its size?
Students measure the size in the air...
Measuring the paraglider on the ground helped students discover that objects that are far away look smaller than those that are close.
Our mascot, Hootie, helps us learn about the World...
Still to come...
Parent Academy!
Parents can become students at our Parent Academy where they ...
Learn about IB and experience some of the same types of learning activities students enjoy.
Learn how to better support students in their IB journey.
Earn certificates on Awards Day!
Excitement builds as the paraglider approaches!
Click on the arrow at the bottom of the picture to see him land.
First, let's learn about IB....
DEA Students are Inquirers!
Students also conduct hands-on inquiries in STEM class as they learn about how plants grow.
DEAtv students produced news reports about our adventures in learning. Click on the arrow to see some special members who joined our DEA family last year - wonder who we'll be meeting this year?
IB students are Communicators
Our inquiries lead to better understanding of other worlds, as well as our own.
We learn about where we are and where we would like to go....
We learn about nearby places....
....where we can learn about far-away places.
...and flew into Chicago!
IB students are Caring...
Hootie, our mascot, helped when we raised money for another canine for the Polk County Sheriff's deputies.
Hootie hit the Big Apple...
In his travels, Hootie discovered many interesting places right here in Florida.
...and south to sunny Puerto Rico!
Then he went north to Tennessee...
Hootie especially enjoyed visiting the troops!
Our students discover the world through Hootie's travels and dream about where he will go next!
We love having our parents join us for lunch!

IB Students are Knowledgeable...
Hootie helps us celebrate being Super Readers!
...and our administrators are super heroes!
Even our teachers are lifelong learners...
INQUIRY is the basis of learning at DEA!
These students won't soon forget the connection between distance and our perception of size.
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